10 essential products for cleaning your home

Cleaning a house ranges from more routine tasks such as removing dust or washing dishes after eating, to other tasks that are deeper and more time-spaced, such as cleaning kitchen tiles or removing lime accumulated on the faucet. For all of them, the better equipped our home is with  specific cleaning products and utensils , the easier it will be to carry out the tasks.

Using the most suitable product for each purpose will not only help you achieve the best results, but it will save you time and effort. 

This is our list of the 10 basic products  for house cleaning:


Dishwashing detergent


Glass cleaner

Anti-lime cleaner for the bathroom

Toilet hanger

Microfiber cloths and mop

Vacuum cleaner and / or broom


Insecticide products 

1. Bleach 

Bleach is essential for household disinfection, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition to disinfecting surfaces, toilets, cutting boards … bleach also kills mold. For this reason, we like to use bleach from time to time applied to a cloth on the joints of the shower / bathtub to eliminate the presence of mold.

Both  Lye Rabbit  and  Star 2in1 with bleach and detergent  will ensure perfect hygiene in any room of the house; the kitchen, the bathroom, the floor … You just have to take into account how you should use it. To do this, we recommend our article  Uses of bleach  where we indicate what proportion is necessary to achieve the expected result. 

2. Dishwasher detergent

How to have a perfect kitchen without a detergent to wash dishes? Impossible! That is why it is among the essentials. Cleaning dishes is essential. Whether you have a dishwasher or you wash them by hand, using a good detergent will extend the life of your dishes and guarantee perfect hygiene. Recommendation? Somat Oro Gel , since it allows you to dose according to the needs and according to the load of your dishwasher.

3. Floor scrubber

Keeping the floor clean and shiny helps fight dirt and dust in the home, thereby keeping mites at bay and fighting allergies. Therefore, in addition to vacuuming, you should scrub it at least once a week with a floor cleaner. We use  Tenn Brilliant Woods , ideal for all types of floors, especially parquet, and which not only cleans but dries very quickly, leaving an ideal shine. 

4. Window cleaner

The trick to make the window glass and mirrors in your house perfect is the glass cleaner you use. Getting a quality glass cleaner like  Tenn Brilliant Glass and Surface Foam will save you a lot of headaches. Also, it is very easy to use! Thanks to its foam, the product adheres to surfaces. You just have to wipe it and that’s it. 

5.   Anti-lime cleaner for the bathroom

The bathroom is an area with a constant presence of water. The sink and the area around the shower (tiles, curtain, screen …) require that we have an anti-lime product on hand, such as  Tenn Baño . A lime scale prevents the lime present in the water from adhering to the surfaces and leaving those unpleasant marks that, if we are not eliminating little by little, then it costs much more. 

6. A toilet hanger

Putting a hanger like  Bref Active Power  on the toilet will prolong the cleaning between washes and provide a constant perfume in the bathroom. Highly recommended to maintain the good atmosphere in this area with little effort.

7. Cloths and microfiber mop

Microfiber cloths and mops have great absorption power, and help us to spread the product we use correctly over the entire surface we want to clean. Therefore, it is important to always have them at home. We trust  Ballerina ,  which are suitable for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room … that they are washable and perfectly withstand the use of bleach without deteriorating. 

8. Vacuum cleaner and / or broom

If you want to have an impeccable floor, you cannot do without these cleaning tools. Basics in any home. Choose them of good quality, to eliminate any residue or dust from the floors of the house.

9. Gloves

Do you wear gloves while cleaning? Cleaning gloves act as protectors of our skin against the chemical agents of cleaning products and, of course, also against direct contact with bacteria and germs. We actively recommend them, especially when handling products such as bleach, ammonia or some insecticides.

10. Insecticide Products

Keeping your house clean prevents the appearance of many insects. However, it is important not to lower your guard. For this, we recommend getting an insecticide such as  Cucal Barrera , a long-lasting product against insects that will protect your home throughout the year. 

In addition to these basic products for optimal cleaning of your home, we recommend having a good  Cleaning closet . Super necessary! 

Keeping all the cleaning products organized in the same place will make it easier for you to organize your tasks, while saving time and  always having control over which products you have and which ones you should note on the shopping list . 

And most importantly, this closet should be  out of reach of children and pets  to avoid accidents at home.


What are the basic cleaning products at home?

In our list of 10 basic cleaning products you cannot miss: bleach, dishwasher detergent, floor scrubbers, glass cleaner, anti-lime cleaner, toilet hanger, microfiber cloths and mop, vacuum cleaner and / or broom, gloves and insecticide products .

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