5 reasons to use green cleaning products

If you have ever considered living with greater awareness of caring for the environment, it is normal if you have not known where to start. Small changes in your daily life can be your first steps. For example, have you ever considered using greener cleaning products? If you have not done so yet, in the following 6 facts we will tell you why they are crucial for caring for the environment:

1. Avoid water contamination

Fill the cleaning bucket with water and detergent, do the housework, and pour the dirty water down the toilet, but what actually ends up in the sewage? Many cleaning products contain toxic substances that the wastewater treatment plant cannot fully retain or degrade. These substances are released into our water system, where they can accumulate and affect what we are drinking, as well as marine life. If we use traditional cleaning agents to scrub our home, consider where your product may end up. The ingredients in Tenn ProNature are 99.9% of natural origin.

2. Reduce your environmental footprint

The goal of organic products is to reduce pollution. Many plastic packages end up in incinerators, but their destruction produces toxic gases and CO2 emissions. By supporting green cleaning and products made from recyclable material such as Somat or Bref ProNature , the amount of harmful waste and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

3. Support social or ecological projects

Find out about the manufacturers of green cleaning products. Many of them share their profits with non-profit organizations and support social projects. For example, Henkel is cooperating with Plastic Bank . Together they founded a Henkel Recycling Center in Haiti where the most disadvantaged population in Haiti has the opportunity to work collecting plastic from the environment in exchange for daily products. Buying products from such companies helps the environment and the most disadvantaged communities.

4. Become an ecological role model

The more people know about green cleaning, the better decisions they can make. Raising awareness and educating each other is the most important thing. So tell your friends about your new discoveries and become a green role model and so if your friends and family understand how well green cleaning works, others will follow.

5. Step by step

Changes to a more sustainable lifestyle do not have to be made all at once. Start by paying more attention to the products you choose and focus on how you use them. Do you apply large amounts of product on your surfaces? How much water do you really need while cleaning? Hopefully this article can motivate you to take a closer look at your surroundings.

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