5 tricks to vacuum effectively

The autumn is a time of change. Change of routines, temperatures, wardrobe and even home decoration. The typical chill of this season forces us to keep the most summery clothes to make way for the warmer ones.

But … do we do the same in our home? The answer is yes. Now is the time to adapt the house to make it warmer and more comfortable for winter. 

Blankets, cushions, candles, warm fabrics and rugs become the stars of our homes. But before taking everything out of the cupboards, it’s time to clean. Without a doubt, the changes of seasons are always a good time to do a thorough cleaning of the house. In this article, we focus on how to properly vacuum the floor before removing the rugs (and not let any lint escape!). 

1.  First, collect the house

Picking up the house before vacuuming will help you to be lighter in your task . In addition, you will avoid tripping over any shoes, toys or stools that have been left in the way. 

2.  Eliminate dust

Before starting with the vacuum cleaner, we recommend you clean the dust from the furniture, lamps and decorations that you have around the house. In this way, the dust that the cloth does not collect will fall to the ground and we will be in time to vacuum it. eye! If we did it in the reverse order, there would always be some speck on the floor, dirtying what we just cleaned. 

3.  Make sure there is good light. Don’t let anything happen to you!

When you have everything gathered and all your furniture is dust-free, it’s time to get the vacuum cleaner! To do this, don’t forget to raise the blinds and take advantage of the daylight . In case it’s already dark, turn on the light. The important thing is not to leave any corner without vacuuming (sometimes, the fluff seems to have legs and hide everywhere).

4.  The rag, your faithful ally 

Who has not happened that while you are vacuuming you see dirt on a socket or doorknob? In these cases, if we have a damp cloth or cloth at hand we can eliminate it at once and we neither forget it, nor do we waste any more time later. The Cloths Synthetic Ballerina are perfectly suited to this task. 

5.  The extra quality

Our last tip is to mop the floor with the new Tenn Hygiene without bleach , an ideal multipurpose for the daily care of your home. With Tenn you will get shiny floors and surfaces. 

Now you are ready to take out the rugs and prepare your home for winter! 

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