6 tricks to remove yellow stains from white clothes

Yellow stains on white clothes? Is it possible to eliminate them? Yes. We provide you with 6 very effective home tricks to remove yellow stains from white clothes.

To remove yellow stains from white clothes, you can use various tricks, from the use of bleach to white vinegar or baking soda . We teach you to recover the original whiteness of your favorite clothes.

1. Bleach

An ideal option to remove yellow stains from white clothes is to use bleach . You can use this trick whether you wash clothes in the washing machine or by hand.

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In the washing machine, just add 100 ml of bleach to the specific box for this product (it will be symbolized by a triangle). If your washing machine does not have this box, pour the splash of bleach into the detergent box.

If you wash by hand, in a basin or bucket, dilute 100 ml of bleach in 10 liters of cold water. Add the items to be washed and let them soak for 20 minutes . Then wash the clothes with your usual detergent. Remember, it is very important that the water is cold. This way the concentration of the product will not be lost.

  • Tip : Wear gloves if you bleach and wash by hand. This bleach is corrosive in high concentrations. Avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

2. Baking soda

On numerous occasions, we have told you about the benefits of bicarbonate and its ability to eliminate stains of different types. A clear example: baking soda is ideal for removing the driest blood stains .

To remove or remove yellow stains from clothing with baking soda, follow these steps:

  • 1. Moisten the garment or the area where the yellow stain is located .
  • 2. Apply the baking soda directly to the stain .
  • 3. With the help of a brush , rub over the stain. Let the baking soda work for 30 minutes .
  • 4. Wash the garment in the washing machine with your usual detergent .
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3. White vinegar for delicate items

In addition to being a natural fabric softener , white vinegar will help you remove yellow stains from the most delicate garments .

In the washing machine, you just have to add a cup of vinegar to the fabric softener box . If the stains are very hard or have been on your garment for a long time, treat the stain first . In a basin pour vinegar and water in equal parts and let the garment soak for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash it with your usual detergent.

If the stain persists, mix half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of salt and add the mixture to a bucket of water. Put the clothes in and let them soak for 30 minutes. Afterward, wash the garments in your washing machine or continue hand washing.

4. Lemon juice

The acidic properties of lemon juice can help to whiten clothes. Apply a few drops of lemon juice on the stain and leave them to act for an hour with the garment exposed to the sun . Afterwards, wash in the washing machine as usual.

Remember that not all white clothes are the same. Some garments will be more delicate than others because of the manufacturing fabric. Therefore, it is very important that you always check the garment’s washing label . There you will know if you can apply whitening products such as bleach or ammonia.

If in doubt, apply the chosen solution only to a small part of the garment that is not visible and wait to see the result before applying it to the entire garment.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide will be one of your great allies to recover the original whiteness of your garments. But beware! Keep in mind that the bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide could damage your clothes if they are delicate or colored.

Prepare in a basin a solution of cold water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts . Dip the garment on the affected part into the bucket and let the solution work until the stain is removed.

6. Active oxygen stain remover

In stores you can also buy stain removal products that are specific to treat stains on white clothes. Amounts vary by brand but can generally be poured directly into the detergent drawer before washing.

With all these homemade tips and tricks you will get your clothes to regain their original whiteness. Do you dare to try them?

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