7 ways to organize (and simplify) your life

How many times have you desperately searched for something and finally found it in the least expected place? Although it may seem insignificant, the order helps us to easily locate things, in addition to saving space (not negligible today, since most of us live in small apartments where we do not have enough meters).

But besides this, ordering has something spiritual … or don’t you feel better when you are in a clean and tidy place? This is the philosophy behind Marie Kondo’s message and her method, which you hear a lot about in recent times. This Japanese author advocates having things stored in the right place and keeping only what you really love and make you happy. A kind of therapy that fills you with harmony and peace.

In order to have everything well located and feel better, let’s start with these 7 tips to organize your house :

1. Everything by hand now, if possible, in sight

Get boxes of various sizes to store everything that does not fit in the cabinets or drawers. If they are going to be visible, you can decorate them to suit the decor of the room.

2. Rely on double-duty furniture

The trunk benches, for example, are used to sit but we can also store all kinds of objects under the lid. Couches under the bed have the same function: under the bed base and the mattress you can store clothes from other seasons, shoes, books, etc.

3. Place coat racks

The wall racks allow to decongest kitchen, bathroom or bedroom cupboards. In the hall of the house, for example, we can hang jackets and umbrellas and thus save space in other places of the house. In the kitchen, you can stick some hangers to organize kitchen utensils, rags … Hanging them is easy and clean: forget about making holes and bet on Pattex No More Nails Click & Fix . In one click, you will have it fixed to the wall without the need for holes!

4. Organizers in the drawers

In the kitchen, placing organizers in the drawers helps you keep the cutlery, kitchenware or spices in order, and ready to use. They are also very practical in the bathroom, to separate creams, hair accessories, makeup by size … In addition, thanks to these dividers, cleaning the drawers is easier, because you only have to lift them, pass a Wet ballerina and drawers are effortlessly clean.

5. Dual-use baskets

Big or small, with or without a lid, the baskets are a very elegant solution that brings a classic touch to the home. For children’s toys, dirty clothes, slippers … you choose what to put inside.

6. Use tags to easily find what you are looking for

Putting labels on the boxes will help you easily locate things. For example, a trick to locating shoes is to take a photo of them, print it out and stick it on the side of the box.

7. And if you have to throw, you throw

How many things do we store at home out of laziness to get rid of them or “just in case”? Ask yourself if you really use that object / garment, if it makes you happy to keep it. If the answer is no, clearly it is time to dispose of it, throw it away, donate it or recycle it, if you can.

These are just a few simple ideas for optimizing spaces throughout your home. Do you have any trick that makes things much easier in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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