8 Steps to Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

Fans, like lamps, over time accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt. For correct operation it is necessary to clean it regularly. The dust generally is deposited on the blades, body and interior of the fan, this can cause noise and damage to the mechanism over time. Cleaning a ceiling fan is a very simple task and we help you how to do it.

Tips for cleaning a ceiling fan

  1. Before starting unplug the fan for your safety. We know it goes without saying, but you never know‚Ķ ūüėČ
  2. You will need a cloth and a bucket with warm water and a squirt of mild soap. Also a fine hair brush can come in handy to go over the nooks and crannies. Another option is a spray bottle and a rag.
  3. To avoid dirtying the area where the ceiling fan is, cover the bottom with plastic or a sheet. If you do it very carefully, it will not be necessary, but always better to be safe.
  4. Then find a ladder or rung that helps you work comfortably at height. Position it right around the fan’s contour, for better room for maneuver.
  5. If the fan has light, the ideal is to disassemble the diffuser and be able to clean the inside and outside. With a simple damp cloth or glass cleaner you can clean it. In case of no light, it is not necessary to do anything.
  6. With the brush you can give it by the contours of union or anchoring of the blades with the main body. Any surface you see fit, give it too.
  7. Now clean the blades on both sides with the option you have chosen from the 2 point.
  8. Once the blades have been cleaned and the dust removed, wipe it with a dry cloth so that it is not wet. End! It is already like new.

Recommendation for fans near sea areas: Due to the high humidity that contains salinity in the environment, the ideal is to wipe the blades and fan body with a damp cloth with fresh water, and then dry it with a microfiber cloth. This should be done in the spring / summer months and during the autumn and winter, if you have the possibility, you can cover it to protect it or disassemble it if it is the case (if it is not possible, clean it as in the spring / summer season). This will lengthen the life of the fan. Always remember to look for models specifically designed for outdoor use and with high IP44 protection.

We hope the tips for cleaning a ceiling fan have been helpful to you. If you want to renew your old fan, we offer you a wide selection of models at La Casa de la Lamp .

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