8 things we should all clean more often

Have you heard the saying that “the one who cleans the cleanest is not the cleanest, but the one who dirties the least”? Well that’s not entirely true. Even the most professional, attentive and careful cleaners miss many corners and objects in the home that get dirty without us being aware.

Therefore, today we have looked at 8 things that we should clean more often :

1) Computer keyboard and mouse

Due to frequent contact with the hands, the computer keyboard and mouse are highly exposed to bacteria. Therefore, we should clean them at least once a week by wiping them with a damp cloth or cloth with a few drops of disinfectant (bleach).

2) The remote control

The same case as the computer keyboard: many hours spent with it in hand, hidden dirt alert!

3) Doorknobs

Yes, they are also cleaned. After all, it is one of the places in the house that we touch more often and more bacteria and germs can accumulate than you imagine . Again, you can disinfect by wiping it with a disinfectant like Estrella , with or without bleach.

4) The garbage can

It is responsible for depositing waste and therefore, at least once a week, you should clean it with water and detergent . If you add a few drops of bleach, even better.

5) The bath mat

Since it is usually in contact with water (from our feet, when we get out of the shower) it is an ideal environment for the appearance of fungus . Prevent that from happening by washing them often (every week) in the washing machine, with hot water and detergent. You can add a scoop of Neutrex Oxy to ensure greater disinfection .

6) The toilet brush

Nobody likes it and as it is usually hidden, it goes unnoticed. Don’t let dirt accumulate and when you clean the bathroom, rinse it with water and bleach , we use Rabbit.

7) Dishcloths

We use them to dry our hands, they are in contact with food … So the ideal thing would be to put them in the washing machine, at the latest, every two days.

8) The washing machine

The appliance to which we entrust the cleaning of our clothes, also needs to be cleaned. Failure to do so may cause bad odors, mold on the rubber seals … and even stains on clothing! Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the machine at least once a year .

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