Clean glass wall or floor

The glass walls or pavés , are walls based on glass bricks that allow to separate environments by letting the light pass through. Being translucent, they allow light to pass without letting the image pass.

In addition to their ability to separate environments, they are elegant, both for exterior and interior, being a very practical option for kitchens and bathrooms .

Like conventional windows, it is important to clean them periodically to remove any type of dust and dirt.

We will clean the surface as we have done on other occasions with conventional crystals . Cleaning the surface with a cloth dampened in water and a splash of ammonia. The ammonia will help remove grease and dirt and will add shine to the glass.

If the glass has some kind of detail or decoration, and the cloth does not reach all the corners, you can help yourself with a toothbrush moistened in water with ammonia . Once clean, let it dry.

When cleaning the joint joints, and to always keep them white, clean them as we have done on other occasions with the tile joints . With a mixture of water and greasy soap and the help of the brush, rub over the joints to restore their natural color. If you want you can also apply a specific whitening pencil for joints .

Remember, first clean the joints and then clean the windows, in this way the results will be perfect.

In this way, the glass wall will be kept in a perfect, clean and neat condition.

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