Cleaning products that have triumphed in 2021

We show you the 5 best cleaning products of this 2021. On our list, white vinegar and ammonia stand out. Do you want to know the others? We show you what they are, where and how to apply them.

To say goodbye to a year marked by cleaning and disinfection of the home due to covid-19, we review the top 5 cleaning products that have been most consulted in 2021.

Undoubtedly, 5 indisputable protagonists in ecological cleaning, efficient cleaning and effective disinfection . All of them are products within the reach of any pocket, very cheap and that you can find in any supermarket. Do you want to know our TOP 5?

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1. White vinegar

It could not be another, at the top, on the cusp of natural cleaning and disinfection, is the white cleaning vinegar . Its properties, its low cost and its versatility make it the best product to clean the house. It is not chemical, it is not abrasive and among its most prominent uses are:


It is an excellent product to clean household appliances (oven, washing machine, dishwasher, electric kettle, microwave), kitchen utensils (plates, glasses, cutting boards, saucepans, tuppers) and to remove stains on clothes , sofas, upholstery or other furniture.

Rinse aid

One of our favorite uses for white vinegar is undoubtedly its ability to polish glasses, goblets, the interior of a dishwasher, the washing machine or the microwave. Another use that you can give it is to remove the lime that accumulates in the water tank of the clothes iron, the lime from the glasses, glasses or glass vases.


If you mix white vinegar with hot water, you get a very effective degreaser to remove grease from ovens, pans, tumblers and others.


If you like natural cleaning and advocate for ecological products, without a doubt, vinegar cannot be missing in your home. Organizations such as the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) recognize the disinfectant properties of vinegar. As it is not a chemical or corrosive element, you can apply it to practically any surface.

Natural softener

In case there were any doubts, white cleaning vinegar is a homemade fabric softener that will leave your clothes as soft as the first day. As if that were not enough, it also prevents the appearance of the dreaded balls or fluff on clothes. Without a doubt the favorite alternative of our readers. If you want to know all the uses of this fantastic product, we recommend our article 10 uses of vinegar in cleaning the home .

Best Household Cleaning Products

2. Ammonia

Among its detractors are those who indicate that ammonia is a very toxic product and not recommended for cleaning the home. Indeed, if it is used irresponsibly or improperly, it can be very dangerous.

However, liquid ammonia is an excellent cleaning product . It is capable of removing the most difficult stains from clothes, floors, carpets and car upholstery. One of our favorites is volvone light , an inexpensive product that you can find in any supermarket or drugstore.

Although, if there is something that ammonia stands out , it is in its ability to eliminate the mold that appears in the joints of the bathroom tiles. If you want to know how to use ammonia in your home, do not miss all the uses of ammonia in cleaning the home .

Best Cleaning Products: Ammonia

3. Bleach

Endorsed by health authorities, bleach has become an essential product in 2021. Mainly because it is the most effective when it comes to disinfecting surfaces contaminated by the covid-19 virus . And even for washing and disinfecting reusable or fabric hygienic masks .

In addition to disinfecting, it is also capable of bleaching clothes , removing bad odors from clothes and is very ideal for cleaning and disinfecting tile or concrete floors . If you want to know all the applications of bleach in your home, we have prepared a very interesting article about the different uses of bleach in the home .

Best cleaning and disinfecting product: bleach

4. Baking soda

This product could not be missing from our list. Baking soda is one of the most effective cleaners and whiteners in the world. Among its different applications we find that it is capable of whitening clothes, removing gum from clothes, eliminating yellow stains caused by grease or sweat and, in addition, eliminating the bad smell of clothes.

How? Pour 50 grams of bicarbonate with your usual detergent and you will see the results with the first wash.

However, one use that we highlight of bicarbonate is that it is the best natural plunger that we know of . Combined with vinegar it will be able to eliminate the bad smell that comes from the pipes of the sink or, the sink or the shower . If you want to know how we recommend reading The definitive trick to eliminate bad smell from kitchens and bathrooms .

Also, like vinegar or ammonia, baking soda is also capable of removing mold from bathtubs and tiles. We show you all the things you can (and should) clean with baking soda .

Best Cleaning Products: Baking Soda

5. Hydrogen peroxide

Do you usually use hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds? Do not do it! Although hydrogen peroxide has been used a lot to clean and disinfect wounds , we do not recommend it because in addition to eliminating bacteria, it can cause damage to your skin cells.

In fact, among the most varied uses of hydrogen peroxide, we find that it is perfect for removing blood stains (dry or recent), yellow stains caused by sweat or food, and for cleaning glass, mirrors or windows.

If we have to choose a home cleaning trick with hydrogen peroxide, we are left with the fact that it is capable of eliminating the humidity that appears on the walls .

All this, without taking into account that it has a high capacity to eliminate bacteria, yeasts, fungi or spores that can appear on the surfaces of the house. If you want to know how to apply this product in cleaning your home, do not miss all the uses of hydrogen peroxide .

Best cleaning products: hydrogen peroxide

Special mention


Among the top searches of Google 2021 we find ozone generators or ozonizers and their possible capacity for the disinfection and sterilization of closed spaces affected by covid-19.

Health authorities do not guarantee that ozone is capable of eliminating the new sars-cov-2 , commonly known as covid-19 . It has been shown that it can act and is effective in eliminating other viruses and bacteria, but there are no studies that support that it acts in the same way with the new coronavirus.

Is it safe to clean and sanitize with ozone? The authorities warn that ozone generators cannot be applied in the presence of people , as it irritates the skin, causes eye damage and is very dangerous for the respiratory tract. In addition, the Ministry of Health of Spain indicates that if a product (ozone generator) that is under test or is already marketed is acquired, it must be handled by trained personnel 

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