Cleaning venetian blinds

To clean venetian blinds we need three essential elements: vacuum cleaner with dusting brush, microfiber cloth and multipurpose cleaner. With all this we will only need ten minutes and four steps to leave the Venetian blinds impeccable.

The first step in cleaning Venetian blinds is to fully lower the blinds and close the slats . Hold the shade and gently dust the closed slats with the dusting brush. Then he opens the slats of the blind and goes back to vacuuming. Check that you pass the brush through all possible corners and eggs, and revise if necessary.

With the slats still open, clean the blind with a damp microfiber cloth or a damp sock . Do this carefully so as not to bend the slats when cleaning them. Close the slats and, if there are still traces, moisten them with an all-purpose cleaner. Finally, finish off the cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth.

Trick to clean venetian blinds

If we cannot remove the dirt with a damp cloth and we do not have a vacuum cleaner, we can opt for a special accessory to clean Venetian blinds, a kind of branched duster suitable for the most common measures of Venetian blinds that will make cleaning even easier.

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