Distilled white vinegar: benefits and uses

Apple vinegar, wine, rice and now … distilled vinegar? If this distilled vinegar is not familiar to you, stay calm, because it is nothing more than a vinegar that starts from the fermentation of alcohol from beets, sugar cane, potatoes or corn. In gastronomy it is used for dressings, marinades or as a food additive, but it is also used as a cosmetic product or household cleaner.

What is distilled vinegar for – uses

Recover the color of your clothes

Not only is distilled white vinegar an incredible cleaner, it works by reviving the color of your clothes . If you want to intensify the color of your clothes, you just have to add a jet of vinegar to the fabric softener in the appropriate washing machine drawer. Don’t be afraid that your laundry smells like vinegar, as the aroma of fabric softener and detergent will dominate this smell.

Substitute for fabric softener

If you have run out of fabric softener or have been wanting to replace this product for a long time because it spoils some fabrics, distilled vinegar can act as a substitute for your fabric softener. You just have to add this product in the bucket where the fabric softener would go and wash in the usual way. The amount that you should do will depend on the load of clothes that you are going to wash.

Sweat stains

If you practice sports regularly or have children who do sports activities, you will have noticed how difficult it is sometimes to remove sweat stains. In fact, most of the time we have to resort to stain removal products that eventually end up damaging the clothes.

If you want to remove sweat stains and take care of your fabrics at the same time, you only have to dilute 10 milliliters of distilled white vinegar in a glass of water. Apply it on the stain and rub for a few seconds. Leave on for approximately 10 minutes, then put the garment in the washing machine as you normally would. The result will surprise you!

Extend the life of your washing machine

Unfortunately, we only remember to maintain our washing machine when we have a problem or bad smells appear. If you want to keep your washing machine in perfect condition and avoid the appearance of mold or unwanted odors , you just have to put a wash (without clothes) with vinegar in the box so that it only cleans with water and vinegar. Do this wash once or twice a month and you will notice how bad odors disappear. If you want to do a more thorough cleaning of the door rubbers, moisten a cloth in vinegar and wash them well inside.

Clean your furniture and objects

Distilled white vinegar: benefits and uses - What is distilled vinegar for - uses

Other benefits of distilled vinegar

In addition to being a very versatile cleaning product, we can also use distilled vinegar to treat the skin, relieve throat discomfort or as teeth whitening. Keep reading and you will see all the benefits of distilled vinegar.

How to use distilled white vinegar

The use of distilled white vinegar will vary according to the use you are going to give it , however, there are some guidelines that you should always keep in mind:

  • To clean the home : if you are going to use distilled vinegar to clean the home (floors, bathrooms, furniture, etc.), you should use it diluted in water in the proportion that each use needs.
  • For bad smells : if you want to eliminate bad odors, you will have to leave a container with vinegar in the room where you want to mitigate the smell.
  • To combat rust : if you need to remove rust or clean the taps, you have to soak the area with vinegar and let it act. Without the exposure time, the performance will not be as effective.
  • To clean mirrors and windows : if you want to remove the dirt from your mirrors and windows or remove the lime from the bathroom screens, mix one part vinegar with one part distilled water. You can use tap water, but distilled water does not contain any lime, so it will do its job even better.
  • To disinfect : when disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, it is advisable to leave an exposure time.

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