Does viscose shrink when washed?

All garments have the most recommended washing processes indicated on their labels to treat them with the greatest possible care. Even so, some fabrics require procedures that involve a special delicacy so that the garments do not damage, tear or shrink. In this sense, viscose is one of the delicate fabrics.

If you have viscose clothes or garments made with delicate fabrics, it is perfectly understandable that concern appears when washing them and the fear that they will shrink in the washing machine depending on the program used. To find out if viscose really shrinks when washed , how to dry and iron it to avoid it and more details about this fabric, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.You may also be interested: Does cotton shrink when washed?Index

Does the viscose shrink or give?

There are many fabrics that shrink when washed if it is not done properly to the treatment that said material should have. Thus, the risk of clothing shrinking is present in the vast majority of fabrics if the treatment to wash, dry or iron them is not adequate. If to that it is added that some fabrics are especially delicate, as is the case of viscose or rayon, the danger increases. Next, we clarify the issue of whether viscose is among the clothes that shrink or in which cases it can happen.

Does viscose shrink in the washing machine?

Viscose is elastic but it is little, as it only has 2-3% elasticity. On the other hand, if around 5% elastane is added to its composition, its elasticity greatly increases and it becomes the fabric known as elastic viscose. This makes this stretchy fabric less risky for care, so the purest viscose is more delicate. In fact, it is an artificial fiber widely used in the textile sector and is considered a delicate fabric to wash: it can shrink in the washing machine if it is not washed correctly .

To avoid this, you must program a specific wash for delicate garments , that is, low speed and at a low temperature.

Does viscose shrink in the dryer?

Rayon can also shrink if you don’t dry it properly. You should avoid using the dryer with clothes made of this fabric, since excessive heat can easily damage and shrink them. That is why at UNCOMO we recommend that you dry it lying flat, shaking it beforehand.

To remove moisture from the garment if it comes out very wet when using a low spin program in the washing machine, spread it out on a surface such as a table and pat it dry with towels and lightly before laying it out to finish drying. On the other hand, if you do not mind that some water may drain when laying it out, then hang the garment directly without drying it with towels first. Also avoid using any type of dryer because it will do the same damage as the dryer and the viscose fabric will shrink .

Does viscose shrink when ironed?

The iron is another appliance that can shrink viscose due to heat if you don’t use it correctly. To prevent this from happening, iron the garment inside out: this will prevent the fiber from shrinking and being damaged and generating unpleasant shine. Also, so that the rayon fabric does not shrink, set the iron to the low heat point and before ironing the garment you must moisten it, spraying a little water on it will be enough. You can also place a cotton cloth or handkerchief between the fabric and the iron to prevent possible burns or damage to the fabric.

Does viscose shrink when washed?  - Does the viscose shrink or give?

How to recover a viscose garment that has shrunk

What to do when clothes shrink? How to make clothes get bigger? Despite the above indications, sometimes we can make mistakes and it is impossible to prevent clothes from shrinking. If your rayon garment has already shrunk, these will be some of your doubts.

If your garment is made of 100% viscose, it will be difficult to get it to yield and regain its original size, but if it is elastic viscose , it will surely not have shrunk too much and, in addition, it has the ability to recover, at least in good part. At UNCOMO we give you the solution to recover your shrunken viscose garments .

  1. Fill the sink with hot water and baby shampoo or hair conditioner. The amount of the shampoo should be that of the cap of the container, but if the garment is large you will have to double the dose. You can also opt for a special soap for sensitive garments.
  2. Put the garment in the water and leave it submerged for 10 minutes. In this way, the fibers of the viscose will relax and stretch and soften again, recovering their original state.
  3. Empty the sink and squeeze the clothes without twisting them to finish removing the absorbed water. Don’t rinse it with another water – the goal is to make it dry as quickly as possible.
  4. Lay the garment securely on a stretched towel and roll it up to absorb the water. It has to be damp, not very wet.
  5. Put the garment back on top of another spread towel to finish drying and you can check that it has recovered its size. If you still have not recovered it completely, you can repeat the steps indicated below.

This procedure is one of the most effective to recover a shrunken viscose garment, but there are more tricks and products with which you can achieve it, such as the following:

  • Dip the clothes in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Soak garments in a solution of hydrating hair mask and white vinegar.

How to wash viscose clothes

After verifying that rayon can shrink if not treated properly, the big question remains: how do you wash viscose properly? At UNCOMO we give you the following tips so that the viscose does not shrink when washed :

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