Who has never gotten the ink out of the pen and stained their favorite garment? If this happens to you regularly or not yet, do not panic and remember that you have a solution. Because, although it may not seem like it at the time, it is possible to remove all those stains. Even white clothes! Do you want to discover how to remove ink stains from clothes? Today we tell you.

The first option, of course, is to choose the most suitable stain remover to remove this type of stain. However, you also have to know that there are other options that will also help you get out of trouble without risks for the garment and with total effectiveness.

As with other types of stains, the key to “beat” the ink is to act as quickly as possible, as it has certain pigments that penetrate and dry quickly, making it more difficult to remove. So as soon as you realize that you have stained, remove the excess with the help of kitchen paper to absorb it.

Next, and depending on the material from which the garment is made and the type of ink in question, you have to choose the product that best suits you.

With what products do you remove ink stains?

For water-based ink stains, it is best to wet the dirty area with water and apply a little detergent. After a few minutes, put the garment in the washing machine.

If the ink is from a ballpoint pen, it will be more difficult to remove. But to achieve this, impregnate a cotton ball with pharmacy alcohol and apply it on the stain. With a clean cotton, absorb the ink. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. When you see that there is no longer a trace of stain, wash the garment regularly. And if you see that there is still some ink left, try nail polish remover.

And for the most resistant stains or for non-synthetic fabrics, you can use ammonia . The way to do it is to dilute one part of ammonia in two of water. Soak the garment in the mixture and then in vinegar to neutralize the ammonia. And goodbye to the stain!

Milk for wool

If the fabric is wool, it is best to clean the stain with milk. To do this, put a little milk in a bowl and submerge the area to be treated in it. As you see that the milk is taking color, throw it out and put milk again. If not, the stain will spread. When you’re done, you can wash your clothes with a special wool soap.

For the leather, use juices

Leather is a delicate material and must be treated as such. So if you’ve been unlucky enough to get ink from the pen on a dark-colored leather jacket or skirt, rub the area with lemon juice or tomato juice. You can even combine both fruits. Leave half a tomato on the stain for about half an hour. Then, wipe it with a cloth soaked in lemon water and you will see that it looks like new.

In the case of light-toned skin, rub with milk or lemon, and insist on the area until there is no trace of ink. In this case, it is possible that from so much rubbing the skin remains a little dry, restore its splendor by applying a little moisturizer.

Rice for cotton

If the clothing is white cotton, try using a little rice. The best way to remove the stain is by rubbing the grains over the ink. After a while and a lot of patience, you will notice that the dirt begins to be removed. Afterwards, wash it normally.

And if it’s colored, try applying a little glycerin. You will see that in no time the ink stain will be just a bad memory.

And if after removing the ink from the white clothes you notice that the garment does not have that whiteness that you like so much, try following these tips on how to whiten white clothes .

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