Guide to cleaning glass and windows

When the issue is size or location

How to clean large windows or glass
Do not be afraid of size! To clean large windows, it is best to use glass cleaning rubbers or strips since in one go we end up with dirt from a large part of the surface.

How to clean exterior windows or windows
And if they are exterior … then they also have their trick! Exterior window panes tend to get dusty and dirty. With a little dishwashing soap, water and a sponge strip we will be able to properly clean the exterior windows.

And if it’s the stains or the grease …

How to clean kitchen
windows These windows are where the most grease accumulates and can be a bit more difficult to clean. In less than two minutes we can have the kitchen windows clean thanks to the ammonia and the newspaper.

How to clean paint stains from the window
When we do work at home, it always stains and the windows do not fail! If we have the paint bottle at hand we can read the type of solvent you need on the label. If we know, it will be very simple, we apply the solvent with a cloth and, as if by magic, it disappears from the glass.

How to remove the stickers from the glass or window
And if the problem is the stickers … We will use a traditional glass cleaner, with which we will spray the entire surface to be cleaned and rub with a cloth. We can use a scraper, but be very careful not to scratch!

And to leave the windows impeccable …

Cleaning the window sills
For proper maintenance of the sills, the ideal is to clean them regularly and if they are porous materials, such as stone, it is recommended to use a natural soap. When the mantel is made of stone, such as marble, it is very likely to get dirty easily.

Cleaning blinds
Although it seems complicated, it is not. To clean the blinds we only need a bucket with a little water and a mixture of ammonia and soap.

Nothing can resist with this guide to cleaning glass and windows! But if you still have any questions, tell us in the comments.

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