How to clean a fabric sofa with homemade tricks

All home furnishings are susceptible to stains, but some are more at risk than others. The sofa is one of the most easily stained, because you spend a lot of hours on it, either to rest, to watch television, to meet the rest of the family, or even to eat while watching a movie, a game. soccer or your favorite program.

Clean the fabric sofa with vinegar and baking soda

An effective remedy to clean the upholstery of a sofa is the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. To develop and apply it correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a container with a liter of warm water. Add a glass of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda.
  2. Dissolve the products and moisten a clean cloth with the resulting liquid.
  3. Use this cloth to clean the sofa in circular motions, especially those areas that are dirtier or stained.
  4. Make sure to run the cloth all over the upholstery and let the solution work.

In no case do you pour the vinegar directly on the sofa fabric, since you will not be able to clean it (the stains will still be present) and you will leave the sofa impregnated with a strong aroma of vinegar.

Clean the fabric sofa with sodium percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate, a derivative of carbon, is an especially interesting product for removing encrusted and difficult to remove stains from sofas. In addition, it is a very practical trick if you are looking to clean a white fabric sofa , since percarbonate is a very powerful natural stain remover and contains whitening properties. Thus, it will help you to recover the original white color of the furniture.

At OneHOWTO we recommend that you follow these steps to clean your fabric sofa with this product:

  1. Fill a container with a liter of warm water and add 3 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate.
  2. After dissolving the percarbonate in the water, apply the liquid to the surface of the sofa, paying special attention to the spots detected.
  3. Let the liquid act for about 10 minutes and scrub the sofa with a brush to remove the percarbonate.
  4. Rinse the upholstery with water and allow it to dry before sitting down again.

You can find sodium percarbonate in the markets, it comes in the form of a white powder similar to bicarbonate.

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa With Homemade Tricks - Clean Your Fabric Sofa With Sodium Percarbonate

Salt to clean fabric sofas

Another of the homemade tricks to clean the sofa is to use salt. It is a natural bleaching product with which you can remove many types of dirt, especially grease stains . Follow these steps to use it correctly:

  1. Squeeze 3 lemons and add a little salt to the juice obtained.
  2. Mix the salt with the lemon juice.
  3. Rub the sofa with the prepared liquid. To do this, take a clean cloth.
  4. Let it work until the stains and the rest of the dirt are removed.

Clean the fabric sofa with hydrogen peroxide

A home remedy with which you will be able to remove blood and sweat stains on the sofa is hydrogen peroxide. Although its effervescence is very effective, you must follow these steps to use it safely:

  1. Dilute hydrogen peroxide in water to reduce its aggressiveness on delicate fabrics such as fabric.
  2. Apply the solution with a cloth to a small area of ​​the sofa to see the effects it has.
  3. If the test is successful, wipe the cloth all over the sofa or over the dirty areas.
  4. Let it work for several minutes before sitting down again.

Clean the fabric sofa dry

Among the options for cleaning a fabric sofa with homemade tricks, you can also consider dry cleaning it , especially if your sofa is located in a very humid area or with few drafts that will make drying difficult. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  1. First, vacuum the sofa fabric to remove all dirt (crumbs, debris, etc.).
  2. To clean it, choose products such as bicarbonate or specific sprays that generate foam to apply without the need for water or other wet components.
  3. Apply them on the stains and use a clean brush to remove them.
  4. With a dry cloth, remove excess product.
How to clean a fabric sofa with homemade tricks - Clean the fabric sofa dry

How to clean a very dirty fabric sofa with ammonia

Ammonia has disinfecting properties that make it a perfect product for cleaning a very dirty fabric sofa. It is very effective due to the components it contains, but it also requires knowing some basic guidelines to apply it safely.

If you want to know how to use ammonia for cleaning upholstery, follow this step by step:

  1. After removing the dust and dirt from the sofa with a vacuum cleaner, pour a large amount of warm water into a container.
  2. Add a squirt of ammonia to the water.
  3. Use a sponge or a brush with soft bristles (threads) to apply the water mixed with the ammonia on the furniture.
  4. Clean the sofa in areas to make sure it is completely clean.
  5. Dampen a cloth in warm water and, after wringing it, remove any dirt that is left on the upholstery.
  6. Ventilate the room where the sofa is located so that it dries and the ammonia smell can disappear.

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