How to clean a silver chain

Silver is a metal widely used both in jewelry and in other commonly used objects, such as some cutlery. This is because it is a very useful metal to make a multitude of objects, more valuable than steel, but more economically affordable than gold. However, silver has a problem, which is that it gets dirty over time. This dirt comes both from use and from the metal itself, which tends to darken on contact with air. However, there are different ways to clean silver. If you want to know how to clean a silver chain , a medal, silverware made of this material, or any other object made of silver, keep reading a HOW TO and we will tell you about it. You may also be interested in: How to clean a gold chain Index

Cleaning the silver with vinegar

One of the easiest ways to clean silver is by using vinegar. Vinegar is one of the natural products that has the most uses in cleaning and, when it comes to cleaning metals, it is probably the king of all household products . To do this, we must select a suitable vinegar. White apple or wine vinegar is generally best suited . Although we can use any vinegar to clean metals such as silver, the most suitable will be white. In fact, the clearer the vinegar, the better results we will obtain.

To clean a silver chain with vinegar (or any other object) we must rub the surface of the silver with a cloth moistened in vinegar until the dark patina disappears. Another way to do this is to use a small brush. There are metal cleaning brushes that are made specifically for this type of work. However, if we cannot find a specific metal cleaning brush, we can also do it using a normal toothbrush.

To leave the silver completely clean with vinegar, we must rub the darkened part until the silver recovers its original tone and color . An easy way to achieve better results is to immerse the silver object in vinegar for about 20 minutes before rubbing it. Later, we will remove it and begin to rub with the cloth or brush until we achieve the desired results. In the following article we will talk specifically about how to clean silver with vinegar .

How to clean a silver chain - Clean silver with vinegar

Cleaning silver with baking soda

Another of the simplest and most natural ways to clean a silver chain or any other object made of this metal is to use baking soda . Baking soda is another of the natural and homemade products that has the most uses in cleaning the house, such as cleaning the oven . It is used for a multitude of jobs, including those related to the cleaning of metals, especially silver. To clean a silver object with baking soda. We can do it in two ways. On the one hand, we can prepare a container with water and bicarbonate and, then, we will submerge the dirty silver object in it. Let it act for about 20 minutes and then rub the surface of the silver with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dark patina.

The other way to use baking soda to clean silver items is to apply it directly . In this case, we will dilute a certain amount of bicarbonate in a container with very little water . We will add hot water, little by little, until we get a slightly thick paste. That is, we will not completely dissolve the bicarbonate, but rather moisten it so that it can be handled as a paste, but the base of the mixture will always remain bicarbonate. Once we have obtained the mixture with a consistency that allows us to handle it easily, we will take it with a damp cloth and rub itagainst the silver surface with slow movements and little pressure. This method is slower to clean silver, but more effective when applied directly. It is the best option when it comes to small silver objects.

How to clean a silver chain - Clean silver with baking soda

Clean the silver with a specific metal cleaner

Finally, another way to clean silver is to acquire a product formulated synthetically for this purpose. These products are easily found in many stores or supermarkets. They can be of two types, a general metal cleaner or a specific silver cleaner . Both usually give good results, although the one formulated specifically to clean silver will be better in this case.

These types of products are usually applied in the same way as the previous ones. To do this, we will apply a little of the product on a cloth (in this case dry) or a brush and we will rub the surface of the silver object until the dark patina of the surface is removed. In any case, whenever we purchase one of these synthetic silver cleaning products, we must read the manufacturer’s instructions, where the most appropriate mode of use will be specified.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that these types of products, unlike what happened with vinegar or sodium bicarbonate, are toxic products . Therefore, they should be kept safely, especially away from small children or pets.

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