How to clean like the pros

Cleaning like the professionals is not complicated, it just requires organization. We teach you what are the keys to cleaning professionally.

They go in and out and in a moment leave the surfaces gleaming. They clean quickly and efficiently so each job is as short and easy as possible. To clean your home in record time, follow these tips from professional cleaners.

1. Cleaning program

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Nobody hires a service that promises to come “some Saturday or another day when they have nothing else to do.” Act like a professional and prepare a work schedule . Professionals don’t stop until the job is done, and neither should you. Make a work program and fulfill it to do it in record time.

2. Get motivated

Professional cleaners don’t stop to watch TV or send email. Motivate yourself to avoid distractions and not get bored. Play upbeat music to boost your energy. Clean with a team of friends or family members to fulfill the program.

Get motivated with music

3. Dress for success

Cleaning professionals wear comfortable, washable clothing designed for work . Suitable shoes, goggles and gloves that protect them from chemicals. End the era of bleach t-shirts and select a “cleaning uniform” that includes: slippers or shoes, gloves and eye protection if necessary, and most of all, put it on!

4. Invest in cleaning supplies

Cleaning professionals don’t gossip. You’ll never see them with throwaway items or the latest junk they’ve seen advertised on the telemarketer. Buy good utensils and use them always; you will finish the job much faster.


5. Take the utensils with you

How do you do your cleaning session? Is it fast and focused? Or do you waste time wondering where this and that is? The professionals carry in their basket all the utensils, products, brushes and rags necessary for cleaning . Vacuum cleaner, mop, and handheld vacuum are waiting at the door. Put a plastic bag in your pocket to collect the fluff. This is how professionals finish cleaning the entire bathroom in less time than it takes amateurs to come up with the cleansing gel.

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