How to clean the house with laurel

The laurel has been used throughout the centuries for cleaning the home. But in this case, it has not been used, precisely, to remove dust and other dirt. The leaves of this shrub have been used to clean the house of bad energies . It is a remedy that was already used by priestesses in ancient times, among other ways of using it with the laurel and among which there is also communication with the gods and the afterlife.

Magic properties of laurel

Laurel has been attributed multiple magical properties to clean the house of bad energies over the centuries, being a product that priests and priestesses used on numerous occasions. Mainly, there are three characteristics of laurel for these purposes:

  • Protector : it is a plant that is considered protective, so many people use it not only for the home, but also as an amulet. And it repels all kinds of bad energies.
  • Purifying : another of the magical properties of laurel is that it helps eliminate all negative things, both from the home and from the people who live in it. In fact, this is one of the most attractive properties of laurel for many people.
  • Healing : it contributes to the well-being of people when, for example, they have symptoms of discomfort as a result of bad energy, such as headaches, dizziness or difficulty breathing, among others.

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How to clean the house with laurel - Magic properties of laurel

How to clean a house of bad energies with laurel

To clean the house with laurel, there are multiple ways to do it, although not all are equally effective. In fact, three have been the most used since ancient times by priestesses, witches and people who had the ability to contact the gods, spirits and the afterlife:

1. Burn laurel to clean the energy of a house

This is the main way to clean the house with laurel, which was already used in ancient civilizations such as the Greek, apart from being the most effective . The process is very easy:

  1. Take a pot that you never use to cook and that you are not going to use to cook later.
  2. Put in it a few bay leaves, which you should burn later.
  3. Once they are burning, you should go around the house and rooms so that they are impregnated with that purifying smoke, thus eliminating bad energies and creating a protective environment as those bad vibrations disappear.

2. Cleansing bad energy with laurel and cinnamon

Another of the most common ways to clean the house with laurel is to use it in combination with cinnamon, which is a product that attracts positive energy . The process is very similar to the previous one:

  1. Take the pot and put the bay leaves to burn.
  2. When they are already burning, add cinnamon powder, which should also light.
  3. At the moment when the two products are burning, it is time for you to pass the pot with the smoke throughout the house.

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3. Clean the energy of the house with laurel and salt

The use of salt in combination with laurel is another good solution to clean the house of bad energy, being a highly recommended remedy to purify the home . And it is that salt is a product that absorbs them, thus contributing to their elimination. The process is also very easy and very fast. In this case, the laurel does not burn, but you should do the following:

  1. Take some branches or bay leaves and tie them with a black string or ribbon.
  2. Make a plate of salted water.
  3. With the bay leaves you should sprinkle the whole house and each room with the salted water.

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How to clean the house with laurel - How to clean a house of bad energy with laurel

Spiritual cleansing of a personal with laurel

Cleaning the house with laurel is useless if the bad energy is in oneself, either because of a spell or because it has been transferred from the house. In these cases, it is important that the people who live in the environment also purify themselves and get rid of these bad energies.

These are situations in which laurel is also effective and can be used, but always in moderation and with caution to avoid health and well-being conditions. It should not be forgotten that, although it is used in the kitchen regularly, its leaves have a hallucinogenic effect depending on how they are consumed . Therefore, a lot of caution.

1. Laurel infusion

To do the bay leaf personal cleansing, what you should do is prepare an infusion with bay leaves , putting much more water than bay leaf. Herbal tea is drunk in small amounts (just a few sips), and is not taken frequently. If you don’t want to drink it, one option is to apply this infusion over your body as if you were showering or bathing.

2. Laurel amulet

Anyway, another way is to prepare a kind of small cloth sacks inside which are put some bay leaves, which are always carried with them to have protection and ward off bad energy.

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