How to clean the laminate flooring

Cleaning the floor at home requires specific methods and products depending on the type of material. In the case of laminate flooring, it is no different: unlike wooden floors, its composition contains plastic derivatives as well as various layers of wood, thus being more resistant and easy to clean.

Despite its greater resistance compared to wooden floors, laminate flooring cannot be neglected. That is why not all cleaning methods or any product work, but only those that clean and disinfect it well but do not damage the surface. To find out how to clean your laminate flooring , how often you should do it and more advice on the matter, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.You may also be interested in: How to clean an awningIndex

Use detergent to clean the laminate flooring

One of the products to clean laminate flooring that is recommended is detergent. To be able to remove fingerprints from the laminate flooring, as well as possible stains and accumulated dust without causing damage to the surface, follow these steps on how to clean the laminate flooring with detergent :

  1. Fill a bucket with cold water.
  2. Add detergent to the bucket and try to create suds.
  3. Use a mop to apply the detergent and water mixture to the laminate flooring.
  4. Another option is to do the preparation in a spray can and spray the areas to be cleaned and wipe with a mop or microfiber mop.
  5. You should always scrub the sheets in the same direction.
  6. It will not be enough to run the mop over it: press on the pallet if you want the stains to disappear and it is completely clean.
  7. Don’t forget to clean the mop frequently or change the mop cloth to remove dirt.
  8. When you’re done scrubbing, wait a few minutes to remove the detergent from the deck.
  9. To remove the detergent, scrub the floor again, but in this case adding a cap of alcohol to a new bucket full of water.
How to clean the laminate flooring - Use detergent to clean the laminate flooring

How to clean laminate flooring with vinegar

Do you want to discover how to clean the laminate flooring to make it shine ? First of all, you need to have white vinegar. It is a very similar procedure to cleaning the surface with detergent, but adding this product in the final part. To achieve this, at UNCOMO we recommend that you follow this step by step on how to clean the laminate flooring without shine with vinegar so that it is radiant:

  1. Try to remove all the dust that is on the laminate flooring. Use a vacuum cleaner or mop, moving it in the same direction as the sheets.
  2. Scrub the surface by mixing water and a specific cleaning product for this type of floor in a bucket, such as a detergent. Wring the mop well to avoid over-wetting the laminate flooring.
  3. When you go to scrub the deck for the last time, replace the bucket with one filled with hot water. Add a third of the vinegar.
  4. Dampen the mop in this new bucket and scrub the floor wringing it out well. You can also use a spray and a mop. White vinegar will provide greater disinfection and shine and will prolong the clean effect of the surface.

With this method you will know how to clean the laminate flooring with vinegar, making it shine and stay clean for longer without endangering the material itself, since, in addition to providing shine and a good visible cleaning, the vinegar also serves to disinfect the laminate flooring and does not damage it. Here we explain much more about How to clean with white vinegar .

How to clean laminate flooring - How to clean laminate flooring with vinegar

How many times is the parquet floor scrubbed

These two are the best tricks to scrub the laminate flooring without damaging it, but to achieve good maintenance of the laminate flooring it is essential to be consistent in its cleaning. Therefore, you must clean the floor every day getting rid of dust so that it does not accumulate and the surface remains in good condition.

The frequency with which a deeper cleaning of the floor must be carried out, that is, scrubbing it with detergent and finally with white vinegar to make it shine, raises some doubts. It is important that you are clear about how often the laminate flooring needs to be cleaned so as not to damage it : every 10 days is the ideal period for it to shine and keep it in good condition.

Tips for cleaning the laminate flooring

To finish knowing everything about how to clean the laminate flooring, at UNCOMO we give you the following tips to consider:

  • Do not use abrasive products . Cleaning the laminate flooring with ammonia or similar products ends up producing irreparable damage to the surface over time.
  • It is not good to polish the laminate flooring with wax . It is a material that cannot be renewed and that is sensitive to the effect of the machines necessary for polishing.
  • Use only those specific products for cleaning the laminate flooring . Chemicals with too much strength detract from the shine of the floor.
  • In order to keep the laminate flooring in good condition, you need to use curtains on your windows. Thus, you will protect it from the direct impact of the sun’s rays, which are especially harmful to this material.
  • Wring the mop frequently when scrubbing the floor. Avoid the presence of abundant water, since the material can deform if there are large puddles on the surface.
  • Protect the flooring from stains by placing a rug at the entrance and avoiding stepping on the floor with outside shoes. Opt for the use of slippers at home.

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