How to clean the mop and eliminate its bad smell!

We provide you with the ultimate home trick to cleaning the mop and removing any bad odor it may have. You only need to have soap, vinegar and lemon on hand. Do not miss it!

The mop may appear to stay clean by being in constant contact with water and detergents (mop, bleach, etc.). However, as it remains damp, churning and with traces of dirt, it is a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria at very high levels. A sign of this is the bad smell.

Does the fabric or fibers of your mop smell bad? Clean them! Or, failing that, change them! To save a bit of money, we’ve provided you with the ultimate homemade trick to cleaning your mop and removing any bad odor it may have. You only need to have on hand: soap, vinegar and lemon.

Why is it important to clean the mop frequently?

We use the mop for one purpose: to clean dirty floors. When scrubbing, the mop cloth removes and captures dirt. After scrubbing, if the mop is not cleaned, all the dirt that you have removed from the floors stays on the fibers of the mop .

For this reason, it is very important that, after using the mop or cloth mop, it is cleaned to remove dirt and thus avoid the appearance of stains or bad odors.

Otherwise, if you continue cleaning with a dirty mop, you risk transferring the dirt and the bad smell of the mop throughout the rooms of your home .

How to clean the mop with vinegar

How to clean the mop step by step

Now that you know the importance of cleaning the mop regularly, we provide you with the ultimate home trick to clean it and eliminate the bad smell.

For this task you will need a bucket with water, soap or bleach with detergent, latex gloves, white vinegar and three lemons. Then follow these steps:

Step 1
In a bucket pour plenty of cold or warm water. Pour in your soap (neutral) or a detergent bleach formula.

Step 2
Insert the mop head, either microfiber or fabric. Put on your gloves, it’s time to rub. Rub the mop vigorously and take the opportunity to remove the remains of garbage or hair that has accumulated. When you’re done scrubbing, wring out the mop.

Step 3
Discard the dirty water and pour in plenty of cold or warm water again. Add two cups of white vinegar and the juice of three lemons . Insert the mop and let it soak for 2 to 3 hours. This mixture will remove the bad smell from the mop.

Step 4
Once the time has passed, remove the excess water and let it air dry. If time permits, let it dry in the sun. The sun’s rays help to remove excess moisture from fabrics.

The vinegar will finish cleaning it, disinfect it, and whiten it. Together with the lemon juice, it will also eliminate the bad smell that has been generated in your mop. You can perform this cleaning two or three times a week , although it is advisable to do it after each use.

How often a mop should be changed

How often should a mop be replaced?

It depends a lot on how you use it. It is advisable to change the mop to one month. But, this, as we say, will vary depending on its frequency of use and maintenance . If you clean your mop frequently, you will greatly extend its useful life, but, above all, you will maintain good hygiene in your home.

Do you scrub all the floors in your house with the same mop? Do not do it!

It is advisable to have at least two cloth heads (mops) for proper cleaning. One should be for kitchens and bathrooms and the other for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways .

Why? Because the dirt in these rooms is different. In the kitchen there tends to be more grease on the floor . If you scrub a hallway or a room with the same mop (and don’t clean the mop), the grease from the kitchen will carry over to the floors of other rooms in your home.

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