How to clean with citric acid

Citric acid is one of the most commonly used cleaning products. In general, it is widely used in industries due to its great disinfectant power, although it is also possible to use it for domestic cleaning because it facilitates the removal of fat, apart from whitening. However, despite its benefits, it is a product that should be used with caution and properly because it can become very corrosive and cause damage to some surfaces, such as wood or marble. In one HOW TO we give you the keys on how to clean with citric acid so that you can use it without problems at home. You may also be interested in: How to clean an acid stained floor Index

Citric acid properties to clean

Citric acid has many properties, which go even further than its disinfecting, bleaching and fat-eliminating power . In fact, at home it is possible to use it in different ways:

  • Antical: citric acid is also a great help to remove lime , for example from the washing machine, among other appliances.
  • Polisher: this product is very useful to polish any surface of the home, but be careful with marble and wood as we have commented so as not to cause damage.
  • Plunger: the pipes can also be unclogged with citric acid, if it is combined with water and bicarbonate, which is the mixture that must be poured through the pipe to be unclogged. Learn more about How to Unclog the Sink in this other article.
  • Fabric softener: Citric acid allows it to be used for this purpose, provided it is mixed with water. So that its smell does not remain on the clothes, it is possible to add a few drops of essential oil. Its use is like a normal fabric softener.
How to clean with citric acid - Properties of citric acid to clean

Where to buy citric acid to clean

Citric acid is not hard to come by. In fact, it is possible to buy it in different formats in drugstores or specialized cleaning stores , as well as in pharmacies or establishments of natural or organic products, which sell it ready to use. However, there are other possible options:

  • Citric acid essential oil: it is one of the forms in which citric acid is presented. In this case, the usual thing is that it has been extracted from the lemon or the strawberry.
  • Powder or granule: it is another of the alternatives to buy it and that can be easier to handle for uses as a plunger to mix it with water.
  • Prepare it at home: Citric acid can also be prepared at home. The ingredients are a liter of water, 250 milliliters of white vinegar and the juice of one lemon. These three ingredients have to be mixed well and a homemade citric acid would already be made.
How To Clean With Citric Acid - Where To Buy Citric Acid To Clean

How to clean your bathroom with citric acid

If there is an area of ​​the house in which citric acid is very useful for cleaning, it is the bathroom. And it is that with it it is easier to remove the remains of lime, polish the toilets or, for example, clean the most resistant remains of dirt .

In fact, it is especially used to clean the bathtub or shower , the screen and the toilets, especially the toilet. Cleaning is done by passing the product you have bought, but if you have opted for other forms such as essential oils or granules, you will have to mix it with water, through the area to be cleaned and rinse it later with plenty of water.

In the case of the toilet, citric acid is very useful to clean the bottom, which often accumulates dirt and tends to stain green. To get rid of this dirt, you just have to pour the product down the toilet and let it act for about 10 minutes. Then the chain is pulled so that it goes down the pipe.

Bathroom taps are very clean and brighter with citric acid. However, it is not good to abuse this product so that the silver or gold color does not go away. It is best to use this remedy for when there is dirt that resists other products, such as lime or mold. The way of use is easy: pass a cloth soaked in citric acid and rinse with another to remove it. Then, with a dry one, rub the tap to get more shine.

Using citric acid to clean the kitchen

The kitchen is another area, along with the bathroom, in which citric acid is a key product for a good cleaning, thanks to its great power to eliminate grease .

One reason why it can be used to clean the stove , in some cases it may be necessary to wait for a few minutes to act so as not to have to scratch, and other surfaces on which grease has accumulated, such as, for example, hob or the area outside the extractor hood.

The uses of citric acid in the kitchen are even greater because it is also useful for removing limescale from the washing machine or dishwasher, its use is like any other anti-limescale, and to unclog pipes in which it is common for traces of detergents or fabric softeners, as well as food through the sink.

But, in addition, in the kitchen it has other uses such as polishing appliances in which it removes that thin layer of grease that accumulates on the outside. It can also be cleaned with it inside, so it will be better to use natural essential oils or another format in which there is no trace of chemical ingredients. Even with everything, you should always clarify it very well. This same use is possible for the external part of refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers, among other appliances that are in the kitchen. The tap will also be brighter.

How To Clean With Citric Acid - Using Citric Acid To Clean Your Kitchen

How to clean the house with citric acid

Citric acid is also good for cleaning other areas of the house, regardless of whether or not there is grease or limescale. For example, it is used to:

  • Cleaning floors: the floor of the house, and not just the bathroom or kitchen, can be cleaned with citric acid. It is important not to apply a large amount of product so that it does not wear out. In the case of having parquet, it is not convenient to use it.
  • Cleaning windows: windows and mirrors also clean well with citric acid, in fact it is one of the best tricks to clean windows . Its use is like any specific product for these objects.
  • Cleaning metals: objects that are kept at home and that are metallic are also cleaned with citric acid because it removes rust or dirt. However, it is important not to abuse the product because it can eat away at the metal layers. It is best to use a slightly damp cloth and dry thoroughly afterwards. It is not good to immerse or leave the object submerged in citric acid, even for a short time because it ends up damaging.

These are tips on how to clean with citric acid that we tell you in One HOW TO so that cleaning the house is much easier, simpler and faster. We recommend that you read the conditions of use of the product carefully so that you get the most out of it and not cause damage to surfaces. And, when in doubt, always consult with experts.

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