How to get fluff out of clothes (5 tricks that do work)

Lint, pellets or pellets on clothing are caused by poor washing and rubbing of clothing. Before you retire them or relegate them to a dark place in your closet, we provide you 5 tricks that do work to say goodbye to all the fluff and balls of your favorite sweaters.

Something that is really uncomfortable when washing, ironing, folding and storing clothes is seeing those little balls or pellets that originate in clothes wash after wash or by the rubbing of clothes with objects such as chairs, sofas, beds or Similar.

When little balls or fluff appear on clothing, their appearance looks aged and deteriorated. To know how to remove the balls, you must first know how they originate and how to prevent them from affecting your new clothes.

How to remove lint from clothes

Why do lint and pellets come out on my clothes?

Intermix garments

To remove dirt from clothes, the washer motor causes the drum to mix and rotate the clothes at a constant rate. This friction of fibers favors, to a large extent, the pellets in wool, cotton or cashmere garments . That is, non-synthetic garments made with natural fabrics such as wool or cotton have a greater tendency to form these small balls and pellets due to rubbing and friction.

To maintain the original appearance of this type of fabrics, it is best to wash them –always– in short wash programs, gentle spin, at a maximum of 30ºC and avoiding the use of commercial softeners. The garment label is not there on a whim, but to know exactly how to wash, dry and iron the garment. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your clothes will keep looking good for longer.

How to remove pellets and lint from clothes

Rubbing of the garment with surfaces

Another factor that causes the appearance of balls and fluff on clothing is the friction of the fibers of the garment with everyday objects such as chairs, tables, sofas, other fabrics and even the same friction that occurs when wearing it. For example, many pants (including jeans) develop more bumps in the crotch. In sweaters and T-shirts, these balls and fluff are more pronounced at the armpit level.

How do I get those little balls and fluff out of clothes?

There are very good homemade tricks to prevent clothes from shedding fluff , something that favors the maintenance of its original appearance. However, when the balls make an appearance, it is necessary to resort to other homemade tricks. We show them below:

1. Use an electric lint remover

You can use a good electric lint remover (there are also battery-operated ones), which is a specific machine to remove all the lint and pellets that appear on your wool, cotton garments or on the upholstery of your sofas and armchairs.

After the first use, you will notice how your clothes return to the color and smooth texture of the first day. In addition, its operation is very simple. You just have to spread the garment on a flat surface and pass the lint remover from top to bottom, as if you were ironing it.

How to remove lint and pellets from clothes Discover the electric lint remover that will leave your clothes looking like new.

Users who opt for a lint remover indicate that it is a “little machine that will leave your clothes looking like new.” It has no cable and is recharged by UBS, something that gives it unique autonomy and manageability. The results are so good that your garment will be as good as new.

2. Work with a lint roller

They are the classic adhesive rollers or brushes. You can find them in any supermarket or department store. Economically priced, these rollers are more effective at removing hair and dust from our clothes . Of course, they are not as effective to remove those small pellets, since they are attached to the garment. For a fix, it may be worth it.

How to remove lint from clothesDiscover this extra adhesive roller to remove lint from clothes.

If you don’t want to spend money, but you do want to remove the balls from your clothes, you can also resort to the following tricks :

3. Opt for a disposable razor

Disposable razors or razors are great for removing these pellets from clothing. To do this, you just have to spread the garment on a table and run the razor from top to bottom smoothly and constantly . Try not to exert force to avoid damaging or cutting the fibers.

  • The knife trick: This trick is dangerous because it involves manipulating a knife blade with your hand and cutting little by little with the balls of the garment. We do not recommend it, unless you are an expert hand.

4. The trick of tape or tape

Another homemade trick to remove the balls from the garments is to roll at least three layers of electrical tape on the hand , leaving the adhesive part on the outside. The garment is first laid out on a flat base such as a table, bed, or ironing board, and adhesive side is passed over the garment repeatedly.

This trick is very effective at removing loose fluff and those that are more attached to the garment. You can also roll it into an object similar to a rolling pin, such as a pastry rolling pin, and with smooth but firm movements, pass it through the sweater, pants or coat.

5. With a rubber glove

Yes, it seems impossible to remove fluff and pellets with a rubber glove. Luckily, we can tell you that it is effective, although less than the previous tricks. To do this, put on a rubber glove (like the one used for cleaning) and run it repeatedly over the garment, always from top to bottom . The contact of the glove rubber against the fibers of the clothing will drag the pellets and they will be easier to remove by hand.

How to remove lint and pellets from clothesLint and pellets also appear on socks after washing .

How do I remove pellets from rugs and carpets?

To remove lint from rugs or carpets, it is enough to vacuum repeatedly. If you don’t have one, sweep and shake the carpet well and use the tricks above. You can use the electric lint remover or the disposable razor. If the carpet is very large, it will be a bit of a long process.

And the fluff that the towels shed?

Some new towels may shed lint for the first few days. To prevent it from happening, you just have to immerse the towels in a container with water, salt and vinegar for at least 2 hours. The vinegar and salt will remove that excess lint. Then put the towels in the washing machine, with a short wash cycle, gentle spin and at 30 degrees centigrade. Lay them out in the sun and you’re done.

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