How to get slime out of clothes

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How to remove slime from dry clothes

  • Use a putty knife or any other fine tool that you can place between the softener and the fabric. Insert the blade of this tool carefully and with gentle movements so as not to damage the fabric of the garment and gradually remove the pieces of slime that come out.
  • Apply a dry cleaning product , which you can easily find in supermarkets and drug stores, on the area of ​​the garment with slime and let it act for a few minutes, according to what the dry cleaning product container indicates. This will make the slime disappear and, if any trace remains, use the spatula to finish removing it.
  • To make sure you completely remove the stain that remains, you can use pharmacy alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as they are effective remedies, but do not use them if the garment is colored.
How to remove slime from clothes - How to remove slime from clothes dry

How to remove hard, dry slime from clothing

Another challenge when it comes to removing slime from clothing is when it is dry but has dried so much that it has become hard and there is a stain on the fabric. All you need in this case is to follow these steps:


  • Toothbrush or clothing brush.
  • Dishwasher soap.
  • Water at room temperature.

Steps to remove hard, dry slime from clothing

  1. Use a glass or glass and place the piece of clothing with the stain on top.
  2. Soften the squishy with water: let it act for about 1 minute and repeat this step.
  3. Once the stain is soft, take the brush and remove as much slime as possible from the clothing.
  4. Add room temperature or cold water again. Also, add the detergent or dish soap.
  5. Use the brush again to completely remove the stain.
  6. Wash clothes in cold water to rinse well.
  7. Look carefully that the slime has disappeared from your garment and, if so, you can put it to wash as you normally do. If not, repeat the steps above until the clothing is spotless, as it may take a bit more prodding if it was too hard and dry.

How to get wet slime out of clothes

As mentioned above, the best way to remove slime from clothing is when it is dry, because if the dough is soft and wet, the task is much more complicated. Many people try to remove the squishy the moment they get stained, but it is a common mistake. By trying to remove the slime when it is wet, you will most likely make the situation worse – the stain will get larger and the affected piece of clothing will increase. Therefore, at OneHOWTO we advise you not to touch it until it dries. If you have a great urge to remove the slime, try to find a way to dry it as soon as possible , but avoid handling it sooner. Thus, to get rid of wet slime from clothes, we recommend following these steps:

  1. If the amount of this product that has stuck to the fabric is large or there is a thick layer, try to remove as much of it as you can with your fingers but without rubbing, just pinching the most excess parts, those that do not directly touch the tissue. However, if the stain is small or if the layer of slime is thin, don’t try to remove it while it is wet.
  2. To make the softener dry and hard quickly and you can remove the mark as soon as possible, use a tool that will dry the stain and speed up the process. For example, you can use a hair dryer on cold air mode.
  3. Once you get it dry, use the advice explained in the previous sections to immediately obtain the results you want.

How to remove slime stains from clothes

Depending on the fabric of the affected garment, some slime marks may remain after it is completely removed. So how do you remove softshell stains from clothes once everything is removed?

However, when washing this garment and then drying it, be careful: if you put the garment that has been stained with slime in the dryer, make sure that you have completely removed it before starting it, since Otherwise, it can grip the fabric with more intensity, due to the high drying temperature, and the problems to remove it afterwards will be greater.

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