How to make clothes smell like fabric softener

Whenever we wash clothes, we want the good smell to remain for as long as possible. Fortunately, making the fabric softener smell last is easy to do; There are several tricks that can help you keep your clothes fresh and clean.

Hang clothes correctly

Not hanging clothes correctly is one of the most common mistakes after washing, and it is also one of the main causes of bad smell in clothes. If you don’t spread your clothes properly when you remove them from the washing machine, the smell of fabric softener will disappear as soon as they are dry and there will be a higher concentration of moisture, causing the clothes to smell bad when they dry.

In addition, it is advisable to hang clothes in places with current or directly outdoors whenever possible. On the other hand, to enhance the good smell of the fabric softener, it is advisable to place the clothes on the clothesline with space between them, so that they are as spread out as possible. In addition to avoiding wrinkles, you will make the smell of fabric softener last longer in them. Test it!

How to make your clothes smell like fabric softener - Hang the clothes correctly

Rice for moisture

Moisture is a great enemy of clean clothes. If you have picked up your clothes from the clothesline ahead of time and they are not completely dry, the musty smell in the clothes will increase when they are stored in the closet. To prevent this from happening we have a rice-based home remedy.

Put a bowl of uncooked rice in the cupboard. The rice grains will absorb the moisture that has been impregnated in the garments and will prevent their smell from appearing. If you want to maintain the smell of fabric softener for longer and eliminate humidity, rice can become a great ally.

What to do to make clothes smell like fabric softener - Rice for moisture

Essential oils for a hand wash

Do you know how to wash clothes by hand and make them smell good ? When washing certain items of clothing by hand, such as delicates or underwear, it is advisable to use your favorite essential oils during the process so that your clothes give off the aromas that you like the most. Follow these steps to make it a success:

  1. First, spray your clothes with the essential oil that you like best. To do this, we recommend using a spray with water and adding a few drops of essential oil. Go for fresh and clean scents, such as flowers or citrus.
  2. Afterwards, wash your clothes by hand in the usual way, using cold water and the specific soap for it.

If you do not have an essential oil, you can resort to fragranced soaps, which will help you perfume your clothes even if you wash them by hand.

Spraying clothes with fabric softener

To maintain freshness and guarantee a long-lasting softener smell, we recommend taking note of this advice. Prepare a mixture of water-based and fabric softener in a diffuser, and then spray your clothes with it before ironing them, so you will achieve that the good aroma remains in each garment for longer.

Tip: remember that fabric softener can lead to the appearance of new stains on the garment, if used in large quantities. For this reason, we recommend spraying your clothes at a certain distance, to make them smell much better without staining them .

How to make clothes smell like fabric softener - Spray clothes with fabric softener

Wash clothes properly

Clothes should be washed properly so that they retain the smell of fabric softener for longer. There are other tips that will help you get the perfect wash, bearing in mind that each garment must be treated with specific care. Take note:

Choose the correct wash program

Choosing the right wash program is the first step to achieving a perfect wash. To do this, you should pay attention to how dirty the clothes are as well as the type of garment, as there are certain fabrics that require more or less washing frequency, even specific programs or treatments.

In case of very dirty clothes, long wash cycles are recommended to achieve a better rinse. In the event that the clothes do not present many stains, you can choose a shorter program with which you will save energy and achieve a better result for the clothes, keeping the smell of fabric softener for longer.

To ensure that you are washing each item correctly, we recommend:

  • Consult the symbols on the clothing label for their necessary washing conditions. In this article you will see what the symbols of washing clothes mean .
  • Wash underwear, socks, sportswear, socks, leggings or cotton t-shirts (clothes that tend to keep the bad smell more) after each use.
  • Avoid washing dirty towels, rags, or cloths with the rest of your laundry.

Take out the clothes quickly

Another tip to guarantee a good wash is to remove the clothes directly once the programmed cycle has finished. The longer wet clothes are in the washing machine, the more they will retain their moisture and therefore the fabric softener aroma will be lost.

What to do to make clothes smell like fabric softener - Wash clothes properly

Keep an eye on the amount of fabric softener and detergent

The amount of fabric softener we use will also determine the scent it leaves on our clothes. Some people believe that the more fabric softener or scented detergent you add to the wash, the better the clothes will smell, but it could be counterproductive . Adding more than the recommended amount can cause stains due to excess product, so you will have to wash it again.

To make sure you’re using the correct amount, check the manufacturer’s directions for your fabric softener or detergent. Usually a plug will suffice.

Home remedies to eliminate bad smell in clothes

Sometimes some garments smell bad and give off an especially strong odor, such as moisture or sweat. If you want to know how to remove musty smell from clothes , these home remedies are perfect for you. The best way to put them into practice is to wash the clothes by hand before doing the common wash with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine.

Water and bicarbonate

To make the first hand wash more effective, we suggest you use a mixture of two parts of water and one of bicarbonate, with which you will be able to neutralize the bad smell. Once you have washed the garment with this mixture, you can include the garment in your next washing machine.

Water and white vinegar

Another good trick before washing your smelly garment is to soak it for a few hours with a mixture of water and white vinegar. White vinegar is a powerful cleaner and odor neutralizer. Another option is to add a cap of vinegar along with the detergent in the wash cycle.

Enhances the smell of fabric softener

One way to keep your clothes smelly even after long storage is to clean the cabinets and drawers frequently. You can perfume them so that they also maintain their good aroma.

Another trick to enhance the smell of fabric softener is to place cottons soaked in fabric softener inside the closet, to ensure that the stored clothes continue to maintain the good smell. Failing that, you can put tea bags and infusions, bars of soap or even some extinguished scented candle between the clothes. You will keep the good smell for longer!

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