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Tired of always having a messy house? Keeping the house clean and in perfect condition can be a complicated task, especially if it is not properly organized. Many people tend to do all the cleaning of the home in a single day but, anyway, the rest of the week you have to keep order to live in good conditions and, in the end, it seems that you spend day cleaning. To avoid this situation, you will have to think about a planning and take into account a series of considerations that you will find in this one HOW TO article. Keep reading and discover how to organize the cleaning of the house so that you can live in a comfortable environment without spending all day with a mop in hand. You may also be interested in: Tips for cleaning the home Steps to follow:1

In order to organize the cleaning of the house we must bear in mind that there are some tasks that must be done daily, others on a weekly basis and others that only require us to do them once a month. Thus, the first thing we will do is divide the tasks into these three large blocks in order to begin to visualize our obligations in a more schematic way.

On a daily basis, we must maintain minimum hygiene conditions such as, for example, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, tidying the rooms, making the bed, etc. Instead, deep cleaning can be done once a week or once every 15 days, depending on how many people you live with. It is recommended that if you live as a family, do it every week to disinfect your home; However, if you live alone, with once every 15 days you will have enough but, yes, you will have to maintain cleanliness and order day by day.

In this other One How To article we give you some tricks to clean quickly so that the tasks you do every day do not take up too much time.

How to organize house cleaning - Step 1


In the same way in which we divide the tasks according to their frequency, it is also recommended that to organize the cleaning of the home, divide the rooms because the bathroom does not need the same care (which is used daily and is a place to clean ourselves ) than the patio or balcony, for example.

Therefore, we recommend that you indicate horizontally all the rooms in your house on a sheet of paper and then write columns indicating whether it should be a daily, weekly or monthly task. You can follow the example that we show you in the attached image.

How to organize house cleaning - Step 2


As you can see in the previous example, we are not only going to distribute the cleaning of the home according to the frequency or the stay, but also according to the person in charge of cleaning. Spreading the tasks among the whole family is a great idea to make everyone aware of what it means to keep the home in good condition and, in addition, it will help you eliminate obligations that, in the end, belong to everyone.

Having the whole family do the chores is a great idea for everyone to start cleaning up. Of course: you should give the little ones easier tasks such as cleaning the dust, vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, and so on. The most arduous and complex tasks should be divided between the two adults so that the house is always in good condition.


Once you have managed to organize the cleaning of the house, it is important that you check the pantry so that you check that you have all the necessary products to clean, disinfect and properly care for your home. In the event that you are missing any utensil, you should go to the supermarket to buy it so that, when your family wants to start cleaning, they can find everything they need.


But, after all that we have told you, you may now wonder about what are the tasks that must be done daily, weekly and monthly. To help you organize the cleaning of the home correctly, below we are going to indicate a possible distribution of these tasks.

Daily cleaning tasks

  • Tidy up the house : it is important that, every day, you take care of collecting and storing what you use on a daily basis (dishes, brushes, clothes, shoes, etc.), only then can you live in an orderly and pleasant environment.
  • Clean up the kitchen : every day the kitchen must be collected and cleaned, even if it is above (sink, shelf, plates, pans, etc.). In fact, what is recommended is that, after lunch and after dinner, someone goes to the kitchen to collect what has been used and clean it. You can arrange for one to take care of lunch and another for dinner or, for example, one cooks and the other cleans and, the next day, vice versa.
  • Throw out the garbage : every day or every 2 days you must lower the garbage to avoid infections and pests such as cockroaches, ants, etc. Therefore, establish a routine that, every morning, the first person to leave the house must take down the garbage, in this way, you will be able to maintain order and cleanliness correctly.
  • Make the bed : for a room to look in good condition it is important that the bed is made. We know that there are people who, in the morning, prefer to ventilate the room before picking up the bed, no problem, but it is necessary to try to make the bed before leaving the door or to make it at noon, as soon as it is time to eat.
  • Sweeping the house : it is likely that you do not need to sweep or vacuum daily but, surely, every 2 days dust and dirt will have accumulated, especially in the area where you eat or at the entrance of the house. For this reason, every day or two you will have to sweep or vacuum so that the house is in perfect condition. Think that you will go faster if you do this task with this frequency than if you only do it once a week.
How to organize house cleaning - Step 5


Now we are going to indicate the tasks that you should not do daily but that you do have to do often (1 or 2 times a week, depending on the people living at home).

  • Clean the bathrooms : at least once a week you should disinfect the bathroom with cleaning products so that the area is free of bacteria and perfect for your daily cleaning. At one HOW TO we tell you how to thoroughly clean the bathroom .
  • Scrubbing the floor : scrubbing is not necessary to be done daily, unless your house gets dirty because it has rained, because you have cooked something very greasy, etc. You can dedicate 1 time a week to thoroughly scrub all the floors in the house so that they are in optimal condition.
  • Thorough cleaning of the kitchen : As it is a heavily used area of ​​the house, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a week to remove all bacteria and debris. Cleaning the tiles, the stove, removing uneaten food from the fridge and scrubbing the floor is essential to keep the house in good condition. In One How To we give you some tips to clean the kitchen .
  • Cleaning the dust : the dust accumulates every day on our objects but it is not necessary to clean it daily but you can do it once a week or when you see that there is excessive. In the spring months, for example, dust tends to accumulate excessively so this task should be done 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Washing clothes : depending on the people living at home, you will have to do 1, 2 or 3 washing machines a week, an important task to take into account because it is not only about turning on the washing machine but also involves having to hang it out. , pick it up and place it.


And, finally, within the tips to organize the cleaning of your house, we are going to discover you those tasks that must be done from time to time, that is, once every 15 days or every month, depending on your family:

  • Vacuuming sofas and armchairs : to eliminate dust mites, it is recommended that fabric furniture such as sofas or armchairs be vacuumed every fortnight. If you want, you can also vacuum the mattress of your bed to reduce bacteria.
  • Cleaning the windows : depending on the time of year you are in, you will have to clean the windows more often but, in general, it will be enough if you do it once a month.
  • Cleaning the curtains : this does not have to be done once a month but it is recommended that it be done 2 or 3 times a year or with the changes of season. It is a good way to get your house clean and completely disinfected.

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