How to protect wooden floors to avoid stains, scratches or loss of color

Scratches, stains or lack of shine are some of the most common problems of wooden floors, we explain how to protect them easily and simply with .

If your wooden or parquet floor has lost its shine, has scratches or furniture marks or, simply, you want to prevent stains from spoiling your floor, you need to protect the wood and treat it so that it remains as the first day.

To recover, nourish and protect your wooden floors, follow our advice and you will see how it stays shiny and with its natural color.

Regain shine

To recover the shine it is important to make sure that the floor is clean of dirt and grease, especially if the floor is porous, since dirt will make the floor matte.

Provides extra shine by using a polish. Add to the scrubbing water and apply with a well wrung mop.

Finally, apply twice a year to protect and nourish it, you will see how it maintains its shine and protects from possible scratches.

Fix scratches

When it comes to preventing scratches, and that your wooden floor remains as the first day, we recommend using carpets, mats or rugs at the door of the house to prevent stones or dirt from entering that can scratch and end up damaging the floor .

In the case of furniture, it is convenient to incorporate felt or rubber protectors on the legs to avoid scratches or marks.

As for pets, keeping their nails short will reduce the likelihood of marks tarnishing your floor.

Finally, when maintaining a wooden floor in a house with children, it is best to have a children’s area with a carpet so that the child is more comfortable and avoid possible blows when throwing toys or objects .

All these prevention measures do not take away from a special maintenance to nourish and protect the floor by applying, twice a year , which will give your floor a protective layer and a renewed shine to the wood.

Stains on the floor

To prevent stains on wooden floors from leaving a mark or fence it is very important to act quickly. Remove the stain or dirt immediately , in this way you will prevent the stain from penetrating the wood and deteriorating it, giving it a different appearance.

And if you want to make sure that the stains will not penetrate the floor, apply on the surface. It provides a film that protects while nourishing the wood, preventing stains from reaching the interior.

We hope these tips help you keep your wooden floor shiny and protected from daily use for longer.

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