How to remove a bad smell from a room

An odorous room is extremely uncomfortable, both for the inhabitant and for the visitor, and in many cases we do not know what the cause is, generating an accumulation of unpleasant odors. The first action we must carry out is to get rid of the source of the bad smell, then from there we must take care of removing it either with good ventilation or the help of home remedies.

How to remove bad smell from the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the places where we spend at least a third of our lives and as many times we arrive sweaty from the street, we lie in bed with dirty clothes or leave smelly shoes in the same room, an accumulation of Unpleasant odors that are often incredibly difficult to detect and eliminate. To remove the bad smell from a room like the bedroom, follow these tips:

  • Take your clothes out of the bedroom: if your laundry basket is inside your room, it is time for you to go thinking about a better place since this can be the epicenter of the bad smell. Remember that we sweat every day and clothes like socks and pants accumulate bacteria.
  • Wash the bedding: the sheets and especially the pillowcases are a source of bad smell. As they are in direct contact with us, we can pass on perfume odors and the same sweat that we produce at night, therefore it is important to change it at least 1 time every two weeks to avoid the accumulation of germs and bad smells. Check out this other one HOW TO article in which we tell how to wash cotton sheets .
  • Maintain good ventilation: if you have windows or a balcony, open them daily to avoid the accumulation of odors in the environment and also pay attention to the curtains and their regular cleaning.

How to remove a bad smell from a closed room

To remove the bad smell from a room without windows you have to do the same as we have indicated in the first two tips, remove all the clothes and tidy the room and wash the bedding, but you have to do something else, then renew the air necessary. If your room is closed and does not have windows, it is important that you have a fan or air conditioning that helps better air circulation. You can also use air fresheners that eliminate odor particles, also called odor neutralizing air fresheners .

How to remove the bad smell from a room - How to remove the bad smell from the bedroom

How to remove bad smells from the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the areas of the house most used by everyone and with which more care must be taken in terms of cleaning. Here we shower and do our business; for hygiene and health reasons it is necessary to clean it so that it does not retain unpleasant and unwanted odors. Follow these tips to remove bad smell from the bathroom :

  • Clean your toilet constantly: this is one of the main sources of bacteria, mold and odor, therefore cleaning it at least once a week is extremely necessary. You can use special cleaners or resort to reliable vinegar, the quintessential household disinfectant. Pour a cup of vinegar along the sides of the cup and spray the edges of the lid and protector with a spray bottle, use a brush to remove traces of dirt and pull the tank when finished.
  • Drains: the best way to clean them is by adding 1 cup of baking soda on the grate and then pouring in 2 cups of vinegar. This will help remove any particles stuck to your walls and kill any sources of odor. Lastly, add 2 cups of boiling water to remove any traces that were not removed by the vinegar.

In addition, we recommend this other article about Home air fresheners for the bathroom , using them you will eliminate bad odors from this room of your home.

Remove the bad smell from the living room and kitchen

Finally, we explain how to remove the bad smell from a very frequented room such as the living room or living room, as well as from the kitchen, which is also vital. If you have pets, eat on the sofa, or have rugs, they may be causing bad odors in your living room. This area of ​​the house absorbs all odors and they are retained in the upholstery, therefore it is important that you pay attention to areas like this. In addition, another area that can retain very bad odors is the kitchen itself, since odors, grease, garbage, etc. accumulate, and if you also have an American-style kitchen , which joins the dining room and the living room with the kitchen in one space opened, it will surely be easier for unpleasant odors to accumulate. Take note of thesetips to eliminate bad smell from living room and kitchen :

  • Clean all upholstery – Carpet and furniture fabric tends to retain many odors due to its thickness, making it a hotbed for bacteria and mites. Vacuum all carpets and furniture with a wide brush; You can help yourself with disinfectants or products that do not damage the furniture and that provide a fresh aroma to the upholstery.
  • Bathe your pet regularly: animals can be the cause of the bad smell, so check with your veterinarian how often you can bathe him and when doing so, use special shampoos that have an odor. You can consult this other article on How to remove the smell of dogs from your house .
  • Keep your appliances clean: the kitchen and everything in contact with food can be a source of bad odors, so keep a good cleaning in microwaves, refrigerators, ovens or garbage disposals. The best option is to use lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate, this trio is excellent for disinfecting, removing stains and eliminating unpleasant odors

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