How to remove electricity from clothes

Clothes can accumulate static electricity after finishing the washing machine program and especially after the dryer, as well as when the garment rubs against others or with plastics. This type of electricity is especially noticeable with the small discharges received when touching the fabric of the garments, causing an annoying and even painful sensation in some cases. They are very uncomfortable cramps, but also avoidable. We also perceive it when we notice that the hair stands on end and the hair rises or frizzes.

Why do my clothes have static electricity

Prolonged shock or friction between garments made of synthetic material is the cause of producing static electricity in clothing . Due to this contact, an exchange of electrons is originated in the inner part of the garments that ends up causing the electrical charge.

The machines in which a collision between synthetic material items constantly occurs are the tumble dryer and the washing machine. Also, in dry places, like the dryer, the likelihood of generating static electricity on clothes is increased. Another time when static electricity can be noticed is when we put on or take off a garment, for example, a sweater and our hair stands on end, even long hair can be lifted.

How To Remove Electricity From Clothes - Why My Clothes Have Static Electricity

Use fabric softener in the washing machine

We began to reveal how to remove static electricity from clothes indicating that it is important that you know the existence of different methods. One of them is the use of fabric softener while you wash the garments, as it will prevent the electrical charge from being generated at the same time that it will give them a pleasant smell.

To apply the softener, you must put it on before starting the wash cycle or, depending on the type of washing machine you have, stop the cycle before the last rinse and add a small amount of the product in the corresponding compartment or on the clothes. Keep in mind that you must use the amount indicated on the package, if you exceed it you will have to put a rinse cycle again to remove the remnants of fabric softener. Once the washing program is finished, your clothes will no longer accumulate as much static electricity.

Use white vinegar in the wash cycle

Removing electricity from blankets or blankets during the wash cycle is possible with white vinegar . This product, in addition to cleaning a wide variety of appliances, is also useful to eliminate the electrical charge generated in clothing and soften it.

In this sense, for the vinegar to be effective, add 1/2 glass of vinegar in the washing machine’s drawer for rinsing. This way, you will ensure that the garments and blankets are static-free once they are dry.

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How to remove electricity from clothes - Use white vinegar in the wash cycle

Separate garments by fabrics

Another effective trick to remove electricity from sweaters and other garments is to separate them by materials or fabrics . Some such as nylon or polyester are especially prone to generating this static charge, much more when compared to cotton which is a natural fabric.

To avoid that all the garments end up with a lot of static electricity, the solution is to separate the garments for each material before putting them in the washing machine. Garments that have a mixture of synthetic and natural materials, try to wash them with garments made of natural fabrics instead of synthetic ones. In this way, the problem can only appear in the laundry in which you wash only synthetic clothes. Although you can solve the problem with another of the methods explained here.

Use an antistatic spray

When the washing machine wash cycles are finished, choose to apply an antistatic spray to your clothes. These sprays have a composition that removes static electricity from clothing .

The antistatic spray can be sprayed on dry or wet clothing. Another alternative to spray is hairspray, but this product must be applied at a certain distance from the garments so as not to damage them or produce stains.

How to Remove Electricity from Clothes - Use an Anti-Static Spray

Put short cycles in the dryer

If you use the dryer to dry your clothes, a trick that will help you avoid static electricity is to program short cycles. If you have been running the dryer for about 1 hour so far, reduce the time to 40 to 30 minutes .

When the 40 minutes are up, use coat racks (better if they are wooden hangers) to hang your clothes inside the home until the excessive heat wears off . In this last step, try to avoid rubbing the garments with other garments or with plastic materials. Keep in mind that heat increases static electricity, so when coming out of the dryer very hot it is better to avoid chafing.

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Let the clothes air dry

Drying clothes in the open air is a very simple method to implement to remove electricity from clothes or, at least, prevent it from being too much. Garments do not generate this charge if they are exposed to the open air because they are not placed in an appliance with a dry environment or with little humidity.

Although the ideal is to let it dry in the sun , on a terrace, balcony or window, this does not mean that you are obliged to hang or dry your clothes in the street if you do not have this space or if you do not like to put your clothes so exposed to others. You can do it at home in a somewhat humid room such as the laundry room or the bathroom. If you choose this trick, the clothes will take longer to dry, but you will end up succeeding and will not have much static electricity charge.

Put metal in contact with clothing

As it is a material that traps static electricity from clothing, metal is a good ally to avoid it. Try one of these methods to put metal in contact with clothing and remove static electricity :

  • Put a pin in the garments.
  • Put a ball or several small balls of aluminum foil in the dryer. In this way, all the electricity will accumulate in the aluminum.
  • Use metal hangers to hang clothes.
  • Carry metal objects such as a coin or a thimble in one hand when you go to put your clothes on. In this way, the electricity produced in the friction will go to the metal.
How to Remove Electricity from Clothes - Put Metal in Contact with Clothes

Use distilled water

When you take all of your clothes out of the dryer, spray them with a little distilled water . By applying this product, you will prevent the garments from being too dry, sticking to each other or to other surfaces, and can generate static electricity. Allow it to completely air dry completely.

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