How to remove fading from clothes

The usual washing of the garments and the particularities of each fabric, can lead to a disaster after washing, such as some garments shrinking or some faded and others dyed by them. No matter how much you take care of them or try to preserve them with special affection, it is very easy that these uncomfortable and difficult to treat fading will ever occur. In this sense, the use of specific products and some homemade tricks can help you. However, not all items of clothing need to be treated the same to remove fading. Color and fabric are two factors to take into account.

How to remove fade from colored clothing

Preventing clothing from staining is one of the most common concerns, especially if very valuable or highly esteemed garments are worn. Regardless of whether or not you get it, fading is virtually impossible to prevent in certain situations. Therefore, to delve into how to recover faded colored clothes , it is important that you know the two main ways to achieve it: washing by hand and machine, that is, with a washing machine.

Hand wash

Before starting the process, buy one of the products to remove fading in colored clothes that you will find in the market. Make sure it is specific to colored clothing, otherwise it could seriously alter the tone of the garment. Once you have it at your disposal, follow these steps:

  1. Open one of the sachets of the product and dissolve it in a large container of water (5 or 6 liters). Use rubber gloves to make the mixture and heat the water to the maximum temperature indicated on the garment’s label.
  2. Submerge clothing completely, stirring occasionally with gloves, a wooden stick or spoon, or a similar utensil. The duration of this process will depend on the instructions for washing the clothes, that is, on the composition of the fabric and the required water temperature.
  3. After removing the fading, rinse the garment with water.
  4. Wash the clothes to remove the remains of the used product and let it dry.

Washing machine

If you want to know more about how to fix faded colored clothes and you prefer to use the washing machine before washing the garments by hand, keep in mind that to remove fades from colored clothes , in the same way as with manual washing, you will have to buy a Specific product to remove fading from colored garments and comply with the following steps to fix faded clothing:

  1. Put the garments in the washing machine, without overloading it, and try to have washed them normally before, because this way this specific wash for stains of this type will be more effective because there will be no accumulated dirt.
  2. Put a long wash cycle at a minimum temperature of 60 o C. If the garment label indicates that it does not withstand this temperature, adjust it to the maximum that it indicates, but in this case it may be that you need more washes to eliminate the fading of the clothes at all.
  3. Dissolve two sachets of the product in hot water and add it to the detergent drawer after the first 10 minutes of washing.
  4. Pour water into the bucket to remove the remains of the product and wait until the wash program ends.
  5. Wash the clothes with the usual detergent, hang them and wait for them to dry to see the results.
How to remove fading from clothes - How to remove fading from colored clothes

How to remove fading from white clothes

Fade remover products are very effective and useful for removing stains from faded clothing or removing fade stains from white clothing , as you do not run any risk of altering the color of the garment. Thus, you can also use bleach to remove the dyed part of a white garment, but be careful when using it so as not to damage the clothes and yellow them with bleach. As with colored clothing, there are two ways to remove fading from white clothing : manual and machine washing.

Manual washing

  1. Fill a container with hot water, to the maximum temperature indicated on the clothing label.
  2. Dissolve an envelope of the dye remover in the water.
  3. Soak the garment in the water for up to an hour, stirring it every 5-10 minutes.
  4. Rinse the garment with water before washing it as you normally do with detergent.
  5. Hang your clothes in the sun to dry.

Washing machine

  1. Put the clothes in the washing machine, trying to fill half its capacity so that the clothes have room to move.
  2. Pour 4 sachets of the dye remover into the drum of the washing machine.
  3. A long cycle program 60 or C minimum. If the temperature is higher, the product will be more efficient, but read the label of the garments to see what maximum wash temperatures they allow.
  4. Wash the clothes again, but in this case with the detergent you usually use.
  5. Wait for it to dry to verify that the fading has disappeared.

Also, if your question is about how to recover the color of clothes faded by the sun, by chlorine or bleach or because when washing them for the first time they have lost a lot of color, the best way to get them to have the same color again. before and no discolored stains are seen is to make a color bath to the garment with the corresponding color or directly dye it again with this color. In the packaging of these two products you will see all the indications to use them in the washing machine.

How to remove fading from clothes - How to remove fading from white clothes

Tips for removing stains on clothing from other faded clothing

Some clothes get stained because they are dyed by other clothes. Given the unknowns you may have on this matter, at OneHOWTO we give you some tips so that you know how to remove stains from clothes dyed by another :

  • Betting on tricks that involve the use of hot water can shrink the piece of clothing, so be especially careful in this regard.
  • Some techniques such as the use of water, salt and ice will prevent the garment from shrinking and, at the same time, will help to remove fades.
  • Some homemade tricks such as cold milk, potatoes, bay leaf with bicarbonate and vinegar with salt are effective in removing these types of stains.

Tricks to remove fading from clothes

Although for delicate garments we continue to recommend specific products, for less delicate garments you can use these homemade tricks that will help you remove stains on clothes that have faded from other garments :

  • Cold milk is very useful to restore the color of a garment that has been dyed by the fading dye of another because it helps to loosen this recent dye from the fabric and absorb it. To use this homemade trick well, immerse the garment in cold milk for 12 hours and renew every 3 hours, so these stains will be eliminated. In addition, this trick, when made with a product that is gentle on fabrics, can be used on delicate garments.
  • Fixing faded clothes with laurel and bicarbonate is possible thanks to the infusion of the leaves of this plant and the cleaning power of bicarbonate. How to remove the fading of clothes with laurel? Take note: prepare a concentrated infusion of laurel, that is, make it dark because the leaves have been infused or boiled a lot and a lot of them. Now add two tablespoons of bicarbonate, stir and you will get an ideal solution to soak the garment for several hours, then rinse and wash normally to completely remove stains and residues. Here are more tips if you want to learn How to whiten clothes with baking soda .
  • Removing faded potatoes with unpeeled potatoes is also possible due to its composition (it contains vitamins B and C, calcium, potassium, copper and sulfur), which gives it very cleaning properties, and the biocatalytic enzymes it contains, accelerating the process of removing stains. To achieve this, boil the faded clothes in a pot next to the unpeeled potatoes, although previously washed. The fading will disappear as the water and potatoes boil. Avoid this trick if it is synthetic clothing, as they cannot withstand such high temperatures.
  • Fix faded clothes with vinegar:The vinegar, along with the salt, will help you remove the remains of dye from other clothes, whether white or colored. Salt is absorbent and exfoliating and vinegar contains acids that help release the newest or freshest pigments. We recommend filling a basin or bathtub with water at normal or warm temperature, depending on the amount of clothing you have to fix, and adding a quarter glass of vinegar if you use a basin or a glass of vinegar if you use the bathtub, in addition to several tablespoons of salt. Once this is prepared, submerge the affected clothes making sure that they are all very wet and leave them to soak for an hour, then rinse and wash these garments normally, you will see that the faded stains of another garment have gone or have faded a lot , depending on whether they were already less or more dry.

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