How to remove oil stains from parquet

Parquet or parquet is a parquet of wooden sheets that more and more people have in their homes, either for aesthetics or because it is a material that does not catch cold. However, when you have parquet flooring in your home, you must be very careful because it is quite delicate. In fact, it is very easy for a scratch to occur or a spot to fall accidentally. Its cleaning is not easy, although fortunately today there are different systems to eliminate them. Thus, the word “stain” no longer means that that darker area has to remain on the parquet for life . If you have to do this cleaning, from UNCOMO we will explain how to remove oil stains from parquet .

How to remove oil stains from parquet with sugar or salt

To remove oil stains from parquet , a good solution is to use products that you have at home and that are easy to use, such as sugar or salt. The key is that they act like an exfoliant , thus reaching the smallest pore of the wood so that all the oil is removed. However, before use, it is advisable that you follow some previous steps in which you will also need absorbent paper:

  1. Cover the oil stain with absorbent paper and wait for it to soak through. It may be necessary to change the paper several times when it is full of oil, if the stain is very large, to remove as much of the stain as possible.
  2. When there is less oil left or if the stain is small, you can lightly press the paper on the parquet to remove more remains of the grease. Never rub or scrub to prevent the oil from spreading.
  3. Take salt or sugar and put it on the oil stain.
  4. Gently rub the stain, but do not exceed the oil area so as not to spread the grease further. You can use a soft bristle brush or chamois to make it easier.
  5. When all the fat has come out, remove the remains of salt or sugar, as you have used.
  6. Polish the area with a cloth as when you clean the parquet without having stains.
How to remove oil stains from parquet - How to remove oil stains from parquet with sugar or salt

Corn flour to remove oil stains from parquet

Another very simple trick to perform to remove oil stains from wood is to use corn flour or cornstarch, as this product is also known. This remedy is quite effective and fast, especially when the stain falls while we are cooking, because the cornmeal is very close at hand. And why corn flour and not wheat or another cereal? The answer is simple. Cornmeal has starch, which is a great fat absorber . There is no other more important reason to use it. Its use is easy:

  1. Put cornmeal on the oil stain.
  2. Wait for it to get soaked. Do not rub, because that way you will only get the oil to spread more.
  3. Remove the cornmeal when it is stained with oil.
  4. You can repeat the process as many times as you need until the stain has gone well.
  5. Then, you just have to remove the cornmeal and polish the parquet .

How to remove oil stains from parquet with ash

Another of the products that is most used to remove oil stains from parquet is ash. It is important to take only ash and not charcoal remains so that the wood does not stain black and you have another problem in addition to the stain. The key to ash is that it is also absorbent , so it helps to remove any oil that may have fallen on the parquet . It is essential that the ash is hot to enhance this effect. This remedy is quite effective, but it is also true that it will take longer to clean everything well:

  1. Take some hot ash and put it on the oil stain.
  2. Leave the ash to act for a whole day.
  3. After 24 hours, remove it because it will already be completely impregnated with the oil from the stain.
  4. Run a cloth to remove any residue and polish the area where the stain was.

This process to remove the oil stain can also be done with other products you have at home, such as talcum powder , which are also very absorbent. The steps to follow are the same as with ash.

Vinegar to remove oil stains from parquet

Another of the products that you usually have at home is vinegar. It is also quite effective for removing difficult stains from parquet , such as oil, because it helps to trap it, especially when the wood is oak or pine . In this case, it should be used accompanied by clay:

  1. Mix some clay with a few drops of vinegar.
  2. Put this mass on the stain.
  3. Wait for it to dry completely.
  4. With the help of a slightly damp sponge or cloth, remove the mixture.
  5. The process ends like all: polishing the area.

With these tips on how to remove oil stains from parquet , you can do a good cleaning. From UNCOMO we always recommend consulting with experts before applying any remedy or treatment to the floor. If you want to take care of the floor in your home, you may also be interested in How to repair scratches on parquet .

How to remove oil stains from parquet - Vinegar to remove oil stains from parquet

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