How to remove stains from clothes dyed by another

One of the most common problems in the home when it comes time to wash clothes is the loss of color of the fabrics and the transfer of the dye from one clothing to another. This can be due to several reasons, although the most common are that either it is low quality pigments or these were added after the fabric was made.

How to fix white clothes dyed by another garment

If you have opened the door of your washing machine and you have found faded clothes, the first thing you should do is identify the guilty garment and separate it from the white to wash it with its peers. Do not worry, from UNCOMO we bring you an easy solution so you can fix white clothes dyed by another garment. You can use one of these three ingredients:

  • 1/8 cup chlorine bleach or bleach
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

Remember not to use all three products together ; Check the labels on your clothes and determine which one best suits the clothes you have. If you can’t use chlorine with some of them, then go for vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

We recommend doing a test in a small corner to see how the fabric reacts to said product. In any case, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a water solution with one of the above products. There should be enough of the mixture so that the clothes can be soaked in it.
  2. Let your clothes soak for about half an hour.
  3. Put the clothes in the washing machine and add your usual detergent.

Another option (less aggressive but also less effective) is to wash clothes with bar soap and leave them in the sun for 1 hour, since ultraviolet rays can eliminate the attraction of pigments in fabrics. Then wash it as you normally do.

How to remove stains from colored clothes dyed by another

In some cases, stained clothing can be colored. It is important that you do not use chlorine bleach or vinegar , as they are products that could damage the clothes. You will need to:

  • Your usual laundry detergent.
  • Oxygen bleach, not chlorine. Better if it is in powder.

As in the previous section, the first thing you should do is remove the intrusive garment . Then follow this procedure:

  1. Wash damaged clothing again with your regular soap and oxygen bleach. Follow the instructions found on the package for the use of this type of product, since depending on your clothing, one quantity or another will be necessary.
  2. When the second wash is done, check all the fabrics. If it turns white again, you can dry your clothes in the sun without problems.
  3. In case some garments are still dyed, continue with the second phase.
  4. Make a mixture of cold water and oxygen bleach in a tub. Again, check the instructions for the right amounts.
  5. Immerse the clothing in the water and let it rest for a minimum of 8 hours. Go checking the clothes to make sure they lose the dye and repeat as many times as necessary.
How to remove stains from clothes dyed by another - How to remove stains from colored clothes by another

How to fix faded clothes

Clothes lose color for many reasons; due to the oxidation of pigments due to exposure to sunlight, due to the accumulation of detergent in the fabric, due to the use of products with chlorine, repeated washing, etc.

If the problem is the accumulation of detergents, you can take a few steps to revive the color of your favorite clothes , since it is not a serious problem. You will need to:

  • ½ cup vinegar
  • ½ cup of salt

Now continue with the following procedure:

  • Fill the washing machine with water and add the salt and vinegar to the laundry water.
  • Start the cycle so that they dissolve a bit before putting your clothes in.
  • Finally, add the laundry to the machine and wash it on a normal cycle.

If your clothes have lost their colors due to the sun or chlorine, there is not much you can do. In many cases, re-dyeing is an option, but not all fabrics accept these dyes well . For example, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen tend to pigment better, however, the use of dyes in acrylic fabrics or garments that must be dry cleaned is discouraged.

How to fix the color so it does not fade

To prevent clothing from discoloring, some people turn to vinegar during washing. However, as you have seen before, vinegar is used to bleach clothes , so trying to fix the color with this product is not the best solution. The idea comes, probably, because vinegar can be used for certain dyes in some types of fabric such as wool and nylon, that is, the use of vinegar as a fixative is for particular cases. Something similar happens with salt, which is used to fix the color in cotton garments.

But can color loss be prevented? Actually, knowing how to wash your clothes that are colorfast is the real key. To lengthen the color of your clothes, pay attention to the following:

  • Always look at the label. The manufacturer will tell you if the clothes support chlorine bleach, what is the ideal temperature for washing and in which cycle you should wash. If you must wash that garment by hand, it will also let you know.
  • Wash clothes inside out. In this way, abrasion from the movement of the fabric inside the washing machine will not directly affect the color.
  • In general, wash your clothing in cold water, even if the manufacturer tells you that the fabric can withstand higher temperatures. Hot water tends to remove color from fabrics, so avoid using it.
  • The more delicate the fabric, the better to choose a short wash cycle

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