How to remove sweat stains from colored clothing

A nice shirt, a neat dress, and a perfect outfit can all be ruined by sweat stains. No matter what type of clothes or color they have, there are many people who see how sweat stains on clothes are a tonic whatever they do. Although they are more common and easy to see in white clothes, dark or colored clothes are not safe from these stains.

Why do sweat stains come out

Although sweat is mainly water, it has salts and compounds that in contact with deodorants, antiperspirants or detergents can end up causing the typical sweat stains on clothing. In contact with these products, which usually contain aluminum , our sweat causes a reaction capable of staining clothes .

As a general rule, most people suffer from sweat and stains left on their day clothes, however, in more extreme cases, especially among people who suffer from excessive sweating , these stains are not only limited to clothing from the street, but can also affect pajamas or sheets. To avoid the aesthetic problem and discomfort of stained garments, below we will explain some ways to prevent them and we will detail how to remove yellow stains from clothes .

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Colored Clothes - Why Sweat Stains Come Out

How to prevent sweat stains on clothes

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so here are a series of tips to prevent stains from forming:

  • Before putting on a t-shirt or shirt, let the deodorant dry.
  • If you can’t wait for it to dry because you’re in a rush, you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
  • Put on an undershirt to avoid staining the other.
  • There are deodorants on the market that do not have aluminum, in this way you will prevent them from causing stains when they react with sweat. If you have doubts about which deodorants have this metal and which ones do not, you should know that the containers indicate it.
  • If when you go to wash a garment, you notice that it has a sweat stain, do not put it in the dryer, since the heat of this appliance makes the stain set, making it even more difficult to remove it.
  • Dry your clothes in the sun.
  • When wet, sweat stains are easier to remove. Take action with the tips below before the sweat dries.

Ways to remove sweat stains from colored clothing

Although there are people who see how their clothes are often stained by sweat and may be more used to dealing with them, there are others who, due to exceptional situations such as a heat wave, a stressful situation or an unexpected race, end up for staining any of your favorite clothes. Be that as it may, habitual or exception, we must be clear about how to act. Here are the best options to remove sweat stains from colored clothing:

White vinegar for sweat stains

Pour 2 cups of water together with 4 tablespoons of white vinegar into a pot or a container, large enough, and stir until the liquids are diluted. Next, wet the stain until it is well soaked in this mixture and let it work for 30 minutes. Later, you can wash the garment normally, of course, using cold water.

Baking soda for yellow spots

Vinegar is not the only product capable of eliminating stains on colored clothes, bicarbonate is another fantastic home remedy. The uses of baking soda at home are multiple, and one of them is as a method to remove sweat stains from clothes.

To use it, you just have to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water, so that you have a paste that you have to apply on the stain. After 20 minutes, in which the baking soda will do its thing, if you wash the shirt or t-shirt as you always do, the stain will disappear.

Anti-stain products

Despite these homemade alternatives, you can find products specifically formulated to remove stains from clothing on the market. There are different specialties, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In this regard, KH7 is one of the most expert and effective brands, with different products from the “No Stains” range highly recommended for which we do not have time or patience to carry out all the previous steps. For sweat stains, KH7 Stain Free Oxy eliminates the problem the first time and, most importantly, eliminates odors. These products to remove sweat stains are used with a spray, which gives them a very simple application and the best thing is that you can use the product for all types of stains.

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Colored Clothing - Ways To Remove Sweat Stains From Colored Clothing

How to remove sweat stains from dark clothes

Black and dark garments are other major victims of sweat stains. Next, we explain how to prepare some products to eliminate them:

Sodium bicarbonate

Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water, it is important that the water is warm. Next, pour this mixture on the white and yellow spots, either in the armpits or on the collars of the shirt. If you want, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar to enhance its effect.


The mixture of ammonia and water is another good alternative to leave these garments like new. In this case, the application method will be different and somewhat more laborious. Instead of simply spreading it on your clothes, you should use a sponge soaked in the liquid and rub off the stains. Finally, you should put it in the washing machine and wash it as you normally do.


Common toothpastes and toothpastes often contain peroxide, a chemical that is also good for removing sweat stains from clothing. In fact, it is especially effective on dark or black garments.


Finally, aspirin can also offer you fantastic results. This famous medicine has an alkaline composition that can act against these stains, leaving dark clothes without sweat stains. To use it, you have to undo 2 of these pills in a bucket of warm water and immerse the stained garment in it for about 2 hours. After that time, rub the stains and wash the clothes as you normally do.

How to remove sweat stains from colored clothing - How to remove sweat stains from dark clothing

Remove sweat stains from white clothes

Depending on the fabric, there are garments that are more delicate than others, in addition, when they are white, it adds an extra difficulty. If we are not clear on how to do it, the remedy may be worse than the disease, so it is essential to know the ways we have at our disposal when it comes to removing yellow stains on white clothes:

  • The hydrogen peroxide is a product which, when it decomposes, also helps break the residues causing yellow and dark spots on the linen. To use it, you must mix half water and half peroxide and soak the garment for 30 minutes. After that time has elapsed, wash the shirt in cold water and let it dry in the sun for another 30 minutes. If despite that the stain has not completely disappeared, you can repeat the process.
  • Another way to prevent garments from losing their pristine white is, when washing them, mix the detergent in a cup of bicarbonate of soda . The good thing about this product is that, in addition to getting rid of sweat stains, it will also prevent them from causing a bad smell.
  • In any large area, as well as in specialized stores, you can find active oxygen-based products that work perfectly to remove sweat stains from clothes. The recommendation: KH7 Without Stains Oxy, for its easy application and its formula with a greater amount of active oxygen. You spray the stain with the product and, directly, to wash! The good thing about this product is that, in addition to getting rid of sweat stains, it will also prevent them from causing a bad smell.
  • To improve its action, prevent and even remove sweat stains, we can use the same detergent that we use to wash clothes. But beyond putting it in the washing machine, what we must do is pour it on the stained areas , moisten them in water and put them in the sun. In this way, when you put the garment to wash, the detergent will have already acted locally and its effect will be enhanced.

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