How to remove the bad smell from suitcases – the best tricks

Many times when we remove suitcases from the storage room or closets we get the unpleasant surprise that they smell bad and if we keep our clothes in them, most likely that bad smell is also impregnated in the clothes. It is important, therefore, to be cautious and keep suitcases stored in places in the house that have good ventilation and that are free of humidity.

Ventilate the suitcase to eliminate bad odors

The first thing you should do to remove the bad smell from a suitcase is to let it air out for a long time. In this way, you will make the bad smell disappear to a great extent, although later you will have to clean the exterior and interior of it so that it is clean and with a good smell.

Empty the suitcase completely and open all the pockets and compartments you have. In this way, put it in a ventilated place where it receives air flow. Avoid placing it in places where it is hot or where the sun’s rays hit it directly. The ventilation time will depend on how long it has been closed and if the bad smell is very intense or not. In the event that the bad odors are not too strong, a 30-minute ventilation may be sufficient.

Thoroughly clean the suitcase

When the suitcase has this bad smell, it is best to clean it completely using a cloth soaked in water and neutral soap. Let it dry in a place that is very well ventilated, avoiding being exposed to the sun’s rays, much better in the shade. How long you should leave it outdoors will depend on the smell and how long it has been closed. If it is not very strong, half an hour will suffice.

When it is already ventilated, it should be cleaned, also using a cloth with water and neutral soap, in this case well wrung out. It cleans the entire interior surface without rubbing very hard so that the fabrics are not damaged, but with some intensity to remove any dirt or particles that may be attached. Rinse only with a damp cloth, without soap and let it dry in a ventilated place, as in the first step. If you want, you can add a product that has a fragrance to make it smell better.

How to remove the bad smell from suitcases - the best tricks - Clean the suitcase in depth

Tips to prevent bad smell in suitcases

There is no doubt that the best thing you can do is take the necessary measures to prevent those bad odors in your travel bags , so you will not run into the problem when you need to use it. When you return from your trip and go to store it, first ventilate it for an hour and, then, put inside a product that is anti-humidity, such as a bag or similar. The sachet with aromatic plants is the most recommended, especially if you put it with mint, spearmint or lavender, the freshest and most durable.

You can also use products such as rice, charcoal, chalk, or baking soda. In this case, take a small amount of any of them, put it in a cloth bag and leave it inside the suitcase. If what you use is baking soda, it better be in an open container. Any of them absorbs moisture and prevents it from being impregnated in fabrics.

On the other hand, it is also important to keep suitcases stored in places with good ventilation to avoid acquiring a musty or musty smell . A good option may be to resort to the use of protective covers to keep the suitcases stored there and prevent them from being in direct contact with external agents.

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