How to remove the smell of closed cabinets

Although we do not usually pay attention to it, the space where we keep our clothes, shoes and other garments also requires periodic cleaning and minimal maintenance. Sometimes, when you open the closet, it is inevitable to detect that characteristic closed smell that is usually produced by a combination of different factors, among which the humidity concentrated inside .


If it brings you head to figure out how to remove the musty smell from clothes , you should know that the solution is closer than you think. Using a few grains of rice from your kitchen pantry will be a very effective home remedy to remove the musty smell from the cupboard.

The rice absorbs moisture quickly , so place a container with a small amount of cereal in a corner of your closet will make when you open the smell of history is closed. Change it from time to time and always keep a cup with rice to prevent the musty smell from returning.

How to remove the smell of closed cabinets - Rice

Closet dehumidifiers

They are a practical and innovative solution if the humidity has caused your clothes to end up with a musty and musty smell .

Just as there are dehumidifiers designed for large spaces, you also have them in small dimensions, perfect for wardrobes or drawers. These dehumidifiers absorb ambient humidity and, unlike traditional ones, transform the micro vapor particles into gel so that the environment in your wardrobe remains dry and you can remove the musty smell from your clothes.

Home air freshener for the closet

Aromatic herbs are the basis for making home air fresheners ideal to know how to remove moisture from cabinets and drawers, replacing it with delicate floral aromas. Lavender is one of the most recommended aromatic plants for this purpose, although a sprig of thyme, rosemary, or some rose petals are also an excellent choice. We explain how to make a home air freshener with these characteristics by following these simple steps:

  1. Make homemade bags with a piece of sackcloth and make small holes in it to release the scent of the air freshener. In them you can put the plants you want.
  2. Lay the piece of cloth out on a flat surface and place the plants of your choice in the center.
  3. Shape the jacket by bringing the four corners of the fabric to the center and tie them with a ribbon or string.
  4. Place the bag inside the closet or make several and hang them directly on some hangers. In a few days the unpleasant smell will disappear.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a surefire remedy to make your clothes smell great even if you’ve stored them in the closet and don’t wear them for weeks or months. Essential oils concentrate intense and long-lasting aromas , making them perfect for avoiding bad smells in the closet. To use them, do the following:

  1. Choose your favorite essential oil: lavender, violet, jasmine, citronella, eucalyptus, or any other.
  2. Take 2-3 cotton balls and pour just a few drops of your favorite essential oil into them.
  3. Spread the scented cottons around the inside of the wardrobe and let the delicate fragrance take its effect and eliminate the smell of stale.
How to remove the smell of closed cabinets - Essential oils

Activated carbon

Active or activated carbon is a material that is generally obtained from the combustion of plant elements such as wood, bamboo or coconut shells. The result is a highly porous material that, therefore, has a great capacity to absorb moisture and the smell of the closed cupboard.

It does not add any aroma, but it is enough to place a sachet of activated carbon inside to remove the bad smell from the closet.

How to remove the smell of closed cabinets - Activated carbon

Salt and spices

Especially in places near the coast, humidity can become a real problem in cabinets that are not opened too often. It is, for example, a very common inconvenience in those that are reserved for storing household textiles such as bedding, towels or tablecloths. In these cases, the humidity increases the smell of closed and you need a home air freshener that combines a good aroma with a high absorption capacity.

Try to make yours by mixing coarse salt with an aromatic spice such as star anise or cloves.

Put a small glass bowl in a corner of the closet with a handful of coarse salt and two or three nails, and the next time you open your closet you will see that you have achieved the double objective: your closet free of humidity and with a good smell.

How to remove the smell of closed cabinets - Salt and spices


The home remedy that our grandmothers already used to keep drawers and cabinets without the smell of closed continues to work. Place a bar of hand soap inside , either in a cloth bag or directly in the bottom of the closet. You will notice that the bad smell of the clothes disappears.

Vinegar and lemon

Does your closet smell closed and do you even notice mold stains inside? You need a deep cleaning solution that also leaves a pleasant scent. Vinegar and lemon are two compounds widely used in household cleaning, as they are homemade, natural and have excellent disinfectant and bleaching properties. To use it in your closet with a closed smell, follow these steps:

  1. Empty your closet to air out the clothes it contains.
  2. Prepare the following combination: half a cup of white vinegar, half of water and the juice of half a lemon.
  3. Dip a clean cloth or cloth in this mixture and wipe it on the walls and shelves of your closet. If you need to remove mold stains, use a sponge.
  4. Leave it open to dry and put your clothes back on. Mold and the musty smell will no longer be a problem.

Coffee grains

Coffee is another of the home remedies to remove the closed smell of the closet . It is very effective and safe to have at home. The aroma of coffee and its absorption capacity are your best allies to get rid of bad odors from clothes and shoes.

To use it, you just have to put some coffee beans in a bowl or put them in a cloth bag. Put them in the closet and always have them on hand so that you will forget about bad smells forever.

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