How to wash a down comforter in the washing machine

Down duvets are a good and very comfortable solution to avoid being cold in bed while sleeping, as they are light and at the same time they are quite warm. In addition, they usually have very beautiful covers, which fit perfectly with the decoration of the bedroom.

Can I wash my down comforter in the washing machine?

One of the main questions that arises when cleaning the down comforter is whether or not it can be washed in a washing machine. And this is a very important question because not everyone cleans themselves like this. And what do you have to take into account? How do you know? Thus, you have to look at two important aspects to know if a down duvet can be washed in the washing machine or not :

The feather duvet label

Every down comforter has a label indicating the composition and instructions for washing it. In this way, it is essential to pay attention to whether or not the machine wash symbol is included and the temperature at which it should be carried out, if it is possible to wash it in the washing machine.

Quilt size

Initially, if the down comforter can be washed in the washing machine, there would be no problem cleaning it this way. However, you have to be cautious based on their size because there are some that are so large that they do not fit in the bass drum of the machine. In addition, during washing it takes up a lot of water and increases its weight, so it is important to take into account the capacity of the washing machine and the kilos of washing for which it is manufactured. So, for example, you can wash a duvet in a 7 kg washing machine if the size of this bedding is adequate, but if it is larger it is not advisable to do it in said washing machine and it will be better to wash the duvet by hand or take it to a dry cleaner or car wash to use a washing machine with a higher load capacity.

If these parameters are not respected, this in turn can lead to two problems: one is that the down duvet does not wash well because it takes up all the space in the drum and cannot move well inside it for washing. The second possible problem is that the weight of the down comforter, especially when wet, can cause the axis of the washing machine to drift, which will lead to the washing machine breaking down and having to face a repair that is not very cheap. let’s say.

How to wash a down comforter in the washing machine - Can I wash my down comforter in the washing machine?

How to wash a down comforter in the washing machine: tips

To wash the down comforter in the washing machine, it is important to follow a series of steps so that it does not spoil. The key, above all, is that the feathers do not pile up and that they spread equally throughout the interior of the quilt, so that it is created as a kind of air chamber that is precisely what maintains the heat and insulates from the outside. To do a good cleaning and maintenance, follow these tips to wash the down comforter in the washing machine :

  • Put tennis balls: it is convenient to put in the washing machine together with the down comforter three or four tennis balls wrapped in cotton socks. It is not a cliché. It works because the balls, during the wash, hit the duvet, which makes it easier for the feathers to redistribute themselves and not get all caked.
  • Choose the washing program: once you have the duvet and tennis balls inserted, it is time to choose the washing program. If nothing is listed on the label, the best option is to opt for a cold water delicates program. The detergent is recommended that it is equally for delicate or soft clothes.

With these steps, it would only be necessary to press the start button of the washing machine so that the washing can be carried out without problems or complications. Now, the next step will be to dry it, which also has its peculiarities. Here you can find more information about How to wash a duvet .

Tips for drying the down comforter after washing it in the washing machine

In addition to being careful when washing the down comforter in the washing machine, a series of steps and precautions must also be followed when drying. And it is an equally decisive process so that it dries well and that the feathers are well redistributed. To do this, you have two options: put it to dry or use the dryer if you have it at home and it is not indicated otherwise on the label. In each case, follow these tips to dry the down comforter :

  • Dry the down comforter without a dryer: you should put the down comforter to dry horizontally, on a clothesline or table, and turn it over every so often so that the feathers are not concentrated in some areas and their distribution is facilitated inside.
  • Dry the down duvet with a dryer: so that it does not spoil, it is important to choose a temperature in the dryer that is low. In addition, it is also advisable to introduce several tennis balls wrapped in socks -both the balls and the socks have to be dry-, to help the redistribution of the feathers as happens during their washing.

Regardless of how you have dried it, it is advisable to wait well for it to dry before picking it up to store it or to sleep with it. In the event that it is not going to be used until the next autumn-winter season, it is advisable to store it in specific plastic bags for quilts. Many of these items, when you buy them, already come with a cover that is the most suitable.

In addition, the down comforter always has to be stored in a very dry place so that the feathers do not spoil or get moisture, which will also prevent bad odors and mold from appearing.

With these tips and explanations on how to wash a down comforter in the washing machine that we give you at UNCOMO, you will be able to clean it without problems. In any case, if you have any questions, check first in specialized stores and laundries to make sure that it can be washed in the washing machine and how you can get the best result.

How to wash a down comforter in the washing machine - Tips for drying the down comforter after washing it in the washing machine

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