How to wash a down jacket

Bundling up when the coldest months of the year arrive is essential to avoid colds and to be able to go outside, withstanding the low temperatures well. The coats and jackets that are filled with feathers not only manage to insulate very well from the cold, but also help to retain their own heat by containing these synthetic or animal feathers inside.

To care for these types of jackets, they must be washed properly. The manufacturer indicates the appropriate conditions on the label, but there are also general rules depending on the type of washing that you are going to do, which should be known so that the jacket is in good condition and you can continue using it for a long time. To discover how to wash a down jacket so that it looks good, at one how to we recommend that you continue reading this practical article. You may also be interested in: How to wash a down comforter in the washing machine Index

How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

The coats down with a filling that can have two origins: natural (feathers and down goose, duck or goose) or synthetic, that is, a polyester fiber that recreate the function of natural feathers, the latter being the option that is used more and more. The way a down jacket is washed depends on its composition, since these clothes need special care so that the feathers do not spoil.

Do you want to know how to wash a down coat in the washing machine ? In OneHOWTO we help you discover it with these steps to wash a down jacket in the washing machine:

  1. Remove all the objects that may be inside the pockets to avoid hooking problems during washing, close the zippers and Velcro fasteners and turn the jacket over, so that the inner lining is facing out.
  2. It is very important that you wash the down jacket without further clothing, as it is especially delicate clothing.
  3. Run a wash program for delicates with a long rinse and cold water.
  4. Add a special detergent for delicate clothes to the washing machine. You must take care of the fibers and avoid caking the feathers.
  5. Do not add fabric softener because down coats do not require this product and, in fact, it can spoil the feathers.
  6. Use a spin of 400 revolutions maximum, that is, keep it gentle. In this way, you will achieve that the feathers of the jacket do not become so caked.
How to wash a down jacket - How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

How to wash a down jacket by hand

Apart from using the washing machine, you can also wash the down jacket by hand. Although it requires more time and dedication, a satisfactory result is guaranteed if done correctly. Learn how to wash a padded jacket by hand by following these instructions:

  1. Fill a very large bowl or bathtub with cold water.
  2. Add specific detergent for hand washing or delicate garments. For people with sensitive skin, the use of latex gloves is recommended.
  3. To remove stains from a down coat, you must rub the soap well with continuous movements on the affected areas of the garment.
  4. Use more cold water to rinse the jacket until no soap remains. It is quite a long process, so it is essential to add the right amount of detergent during the wash.
  5. Finally, try to do gentle compressions to wring out the jacket and remove as much of the water as possible. In no case do you twist the garment because you will end up damaging it.

Thus, if you were wondering how to remove stains from a down coat , we recommend looking at the label of the coat or jacket, but keep in mind that in principle it is not recommended to use products other than soap for delicate garments, so it is better that you insist on rubbing into the stained area and that you wash the stain as soon as you realize you have stained, rather than letting it dry.

How to wash a down jacket - How to wash a down jacket by hand

How to dry a down jacket

In addition to learning how to wash a down jacket, it is important that you know how to dry it. To dry a down or down jacket , you can choose two methods: air dry or tumble dry.

  • To air dry your down jacket , place the garment flat and out of direct sunlight during the strongest hours of sunshine. Avoid hanging it so that the feathers do not pile up with the weight in the lower area. Shake it from time to time to distribute the feathers inside so that they fit throughout the jacket.
  • To dry your down coat in the dryer , opt for slow programs and low temperatures. Put two tennis balls inside the dryer during the drying cycle so that the feathers move more, spread better and the garment returns to its original shape.

When the down jacket is completely dry, you can keep it hanging in a closet or by folding it but avoid it being pressed, so do not put any weight on the garment so that it does not lose its shape or hang it in a closet where barely fits and is snug between other hanging items.

How to thin a down coat

Are you wondering how to separate the feathers of a coat ? It is convenient to wash and dry the garment correctly to prevent the feathers from becoming caked, in this way you will save effort and, above all, a lot of time. Therefore, it is important that you discard the use of the dryer at high temperatures and the sun exposure of the jacket. Although you think that this will speed up drying times, it will cause severe caking of the feathers that will be more difficult to solve. However, there are some solutions to thin a down jacket if you have not been able to avoid it during washing and / or drying.

  • One way is to loosen the feathers with your own hands: you must separate them and spread them evenly over the surface so that they do not pile up again. If there are very caked parts, you can shake the coat or jacket vigorously to undo these balls and ensure that the content is better distributed, but then with patience you will have to distribute them more carefully manually, as it is not advisable to shake too much.
  • Re-wet the coat a bit and put it back in the dryer, using the tennis balls and a gentle drying program.

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