How to wash a feather pillow

The feather pillow is one of the most comfortable rest cushions due to its large volume softness. Like the down comforter, lounging on a bed with down pillows offers a totally different feeling than traditional pillows.

How to wash a feather pillow at home

To wash a feather pillow at home properly, you can do it by machine or by hand . Deciding on one method or another will depend on your preferences or if the manufacturer’s instructions indicate one or the other. Here we explain the procedure you must follow for either of the two options.

How to wash feather pillow in washing machine

If you have chosen to machine wash your pillow, follow these tips:

  1. Read the label to make sure your pillow is machine washable.
  2. Remove the pillowcase or protector, and make sure there are no broken seams or holes, as feathers could come out there.
  3. Use a program for wool fabrics.
  4. Use liquid soap instead of washing powder. This will prevent residue from getting on the pillow.
  5. We recommend that you put two pillows in the washing machine to compensate for the drum and make the wash cycle work better. If you only have one pillow, you can tuck some small items with the pillow.
  6. Use a wash program with cold or warm temperatures so as not to spoil the feathers.
  7. It is a good idea to run the rinsing program twice to ensure that all soap residue has been completely removed.
  8. As for spinning, there is no problem in doing it. In fact, it is advisable to program it on high speed to remove as much moisture as possible from the pillow.

How to wash feather pillow by hand

Feather pillows can be machine washed, but if you don’t dare to wash them in the washing machine or the label indicates that they are not suitable, you can also do it by hand. The process is the following:

  1. As with machine washing, you first have to remove the cover or protector and make sure there are no broken seams or holes.
  2. Place the pillow in a basin with warm water and a little mild soap. We advise you to use a small amount of soap to make rinsing easier. If you do not have a container with the appropriate size to insert the pillow, you can do it in the bathtub.
  3. Gently wash the pillow without rubbing it excessively. If it has any stains, you can help yourself with a soft bristle brush. If your pillow does not have stains, it is not necessary to rub or wash for a long time.
  4. It is important that you do not let the pillow soak.
  5. Once washed, be sure to rinse off all of the soap.
  6. Wring out the pillow as much as possible to remove excess moisture and avoid bad smells during drying.

If your down pillows are very dirty and have stains that are difficult to remove, we advise you to visit our article How to bleach pillows to make them look like new.

How to wash a feather pillow - How to wash a feather pillow at home

How to dry a feather pillow

You must not forget to dry the pillows properly so that bad odors are not impregnated in it. a correct drying of the same to avoid that the bad odors are impregnated in her. Next, we are going to tell you how to dry your down pillow without dryer and with dryer.

How to dry a feather pillow in the dryer

To dry a down pillow in the dryer, you must take into account factors such as temperature or drying time. Take note of these tips for tumble drying:

  • Temperature : in terms of drying temperature, you have two options: dry the pillow on a high temperature to make it faster or dry it at a cold temperature. The first option is faster, but there is a risk of damaging the feathers, so we recommend using a cold temperature.
  • Time : it will depend on your dryer model and its programs, but drying a down pillow usually takes several drying cycles, so you will have to be patient.
  • Test : to know if it is dry and thus avoid bad smells or the appearance of mold, you must squeeze the pillow well with your hands and make sure that there is no moisture left in it.
  • Shape : To maintain the shape and volume of your pillows, try this trick: put drying balls in the dryer on top of the pillows. If you don’t have drying balls, sock-wrapped tennis balls can be served.
  • Drying : If you want to make sure your pillows come out dry and remove all excess water, put a towel in the drum.
  • Finished : To make sure they don’t lose their shape, once they have come out of the dryer, grab them by the corners and shake them vigorously.

How to dry a feather pillow without a dryer

It’s very easy to dry a feather pillow if you don’t have a dryer. You just have to follow a few recommendations to avoid moisture remaining in it.

  • To remove as much moisture as possible, spread a towel on a flat surface, lay down the pillow, and cover it with another towel. Press to remove excess moisture and proceed to air dry.
  • The best way to dry a down pillow without a tumble dryer is by letting it air dry on a flat place . Avoid moving it until it is completely dry.

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How often to wash feather pillows

Feather pillows are recommended to be washed about twice a year , ideally every six months. Our advice is that you use cotton covers or anti-mite covers to cover them and protect them from stains, sweat, and other dirt. In this way, you can wash the covers every week, as well as the sheets, and you will contribute to extend the life of your down pillow.

  • When you make the bed, it is recommended that you vigorously shake the pillow to avoid dust accumulation, as well as to distribute and revitalize the filling.
  • Ventilate the room well, at least once a day.
  • Turn it over from time to time to prevent it from warping.
  • If, in addition to in the morning, you shake it every night, you will be returning the volume, which will help to promote rest.
  • If you are not going to use it for a few seasons, store it in a cool and dry place, free from humidity.

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