How to wash velvet sofas, armchairs and chairs

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Velvet sofas, armchairs or chairs are very popular in homes. Its soft texture makes the contact pleasant, warm in winter and not uncomfortable in summer. It is not an easy-care material if it is used regularly, so avoiding exposing them to food, drink or other substances is the best thing to do. It must be borne in mind that it is a delicate material and when washing we will have to be careful not to spoil it. We leave you step by step how to clean velvet furniture at home .

Before starting…

As with clothing items, we recommend that you check the label . In this case, the particular piece of furniture may contain a special cleaning code.

To clean velvet , dry cleaning is usually recommended , as it is a delicate material that does not react well to water.


Spend the vacuum cleaner before starting work on a dry stain on concrete. Use the vacuum brush to prepare the fabric. Remember at all times that it is a delicate fabric and we must treat it with care if we do not want to spoil it.

Vacuum cleaner

Two mixes

Once we have vacuumed the dust from it, work on the specific area.

Before testing any mixture on the stain directly, test it with a small amount on a non-visible area of the furniture. Check that the material is not damaged before continuing.

– Baking soda and lemon:

To do this, we will use a mixture of lemon and bicarbonate. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl and add the lemon juice. Stir with a spoon until foam comes out .

– Dish detergent and warm water:

You can also use a foamy mixture of dish detergent and warm water. You just have to add a little of the detergent in plenty of water and shake until foam comes out . Add as much detergent as you see necessary to get the necessary foam.

Baking soda and lemon


With a clean cloth or rag, take a small amount of the foam and gently apply it to the stain. Do not rub, as it could cause the stain to penetrate further into the fabric without remedy and damage the fabric.

Apply the solution with small dabs and remove the foam with another clean cloth. In this case, make long movements and always in the natural direction of the fabric . Check if the stain is gone and if it is not, repeat the process until it is removed.

To rinse the fabric, use a clean, damp cloth or cloth that is not soaked , so as not to expose the delicate fabric to excess water. Dab small on the treated area and make sure no product remains. During the entire process, try to use the tapping technique and not expose the velvet to too much water , as it could spoil the soft texture of the fabric.


Let the fabric dry thoroughly before using it again. In a few hours it will be dry, but we recommend waiting at least a full day to ensure that the fabric dries well and does not suffer.

You can speed up the process with the help of a dryer , as long as you keep a minimum distance of 15 cm from the fabric.

Recent stain

If you have just spilled any liquid, absorb it with a cloth or towel by gently tapping . Never rub the velvet, it could spoil. That is why it is very important that you absorb the liquid by tapping and exerting gentle pressure on the stain.

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