7 Quick Cleaning Tips

Maintaining order and cleanliness in our home is an important aspect, however we do not always have the time to have our house as we want it. But who said we should have an entire afternoon to do the cleaning? Some quick cleaning tricks will help you remove dirt and leave your home sparkling while spending less time than you think.

One: Use the vacuum cleaning before mopping

A good trick to quickly clean the floor of our house is to first use the vacuum cleaner or the broom before mopping. Although it may sound like a double job, the first step helps you remove dust and large debris, while by mopping you will be able to permanently wash the floor in less than you think, since you will have already removed all debris and dirt.

wrap the broom in a nylon sock

If you want to sweep faster and more efficiently, then you can wrap the broom in a nylon sock. This fabric will help you to effectively collect all the dust, hair and dirt without flying away. You will be able to sweep in less than you think.

Use a wet wipe

To quickly clean the dust from your furniture, all you need to do is use a wet wipe, the kind that are commonly used to clean babies. These are perfect for simple wooden or plastic furniture that doesn’t require a special wash. You can also use a damp cloth, but make sure it doesn’t shed any lint.

Mirrors and Glass

The mirrors and glass can be cleaned quickly by using a rag soaked lint release with a mixture of water with white vinegar cleaning. You will get perfect crystals free of dirt and dust in seconds.

But if you really don’t have any time, use commercial glass cleaning wipes that will save you in a few seconds. And if you want to know more suggestions, you can consult our article with different tricks to clean windows .

Clean your bathroom

Lemon juice with salt or hot vinegar are excellent allies to clean your bathroom quickly, as they will help you remove yellow stains and lime. It is best to acquire a semi-hard sponge for the sink and another for the shower or bathtub, in this way you can apply the product more easily and work quickly.

Clean kitchen

If you need to clean the kitchen in record time, it is best to wipe with a dry cloth to remove the humidity from the hob and clean the grease from the glass-ceramic or burners with a suitable product and a sponge, as that way you will be able to remove the dirt quickly.

If you have a dishwasher, the job of cleaning the dishes will be very simple, but if this is not the case, your only alternative is to wash the dishes by hand. The best way to do it quickly is to prevent food residues from drying out, so it will take less time to clean the dishes. It is also a good idea to choose a quality product that degreases well, thus saving a lot of time.

Remove dust and dirt

Remember that whenever you want to clean quickly the market offers you many options for you to get it. Kitchen, bathroom, glass and furniture cleaning wipes are excellent alternatives to remove dust and dirt in record time. In addition, air fresheners and incense will help you scent your home and leave it fresh in seconds, making your home feel fresh.


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