The best trick to clean a pan

Here is an infallible trick to clean a pan with traces of food stuck to it and, best of all, it is fast, simple and free.

If you are a chef, you are sure that on more than one occasion you have traces of food stuck in the pan that, despite the fact that you have tried to remove with successive washings, it has been practically impossible. Well, there is a trick to remove the fat from the pan with practically no effort.

When we decide to change the pan it is because the food does not come out as rich as before, in most cases because there are remains of food stuck that it is impossible to clean. Luckily for all of us, a solution has been discovered to clean up those pesky burned leftovers without having to invest a single euro.

What I need?

  • What you need is a drop of that soap that you use to wash dishes
  • Water, it does not need to be very cold or very hot. Just let it run.
  • A dryer sheet

You already know that dryer sheets have many uses, and this is another of their main ones. Maybe you know the use of dryer sheets to give your clothes more softness and extra fragrance, but right now you can give it another new use.

Steps to clean the pan in just a few minutes

  • Pour water into the pan until the entire surface is filled, but not overhanging
  • Add a drop of soap, the same one you use to wash the dishes
  • Place a fully extended dryer sheet over the top of the pan, sinking it slightly 1 cm
  • Wait an hour for it to take effect
  • Now pour the liquid into the sink or on another utensil and remove the dryer sheet
  • As a final step, pass a cloth or another wipe to clean the pan and you will see that it will have been as if it were new, with no food remains.

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