Ten things you didn’t know could be put in the washing machine!

The washing machine can become your great ally, and not only when it comes to doing laundry. This appliance can save you time and effort by helping you clean things around the house that you might not have thought could get into the washing machine. These are only some of them.

things you can wash in the washing machine

The mop

Like any other cleaning utensil, the mop should be cleaned almost daily, but if you are like most mortals you probably don’t abide by this rule. To remedy this and disinfect the mop in one go, you can try putting the mop in the washing machine in a mesh bag.

Shower mats

Non-slip mats that are placed on the floor of the bathtub or shower to avoid falling can also be put in the washing machine. Being cheap, it is normal to buy a new one from time to time. But if you notice that they are a breeding ground for mold, you can wash it with a cold program and a short spin.

Reusable supermarket bags

When making the purchase, it is normal for the bags we use to be stained with the odd food. If those bags are reusable cloth, you can leave them looking like new by putting them in the washing machine with a load of warm water.


Some food and dust remains can accumulate in the soft toys of the little ones. To clean them properly you can put all the stuffed animals you can in the washing machine and put a program for delicate clothes with just a little detergent. eye! If any have batteries remember to remove them first.

Plastic shower curtains

Some plastic objects also have a place in the washing machine. If your shower curtain is no longer enough, try washing it with cold water since high temperatures can damage them, especially if they have drawings. Use a short cycle and, very importantly, do not spin because this process could break your curtains.

Lego pieces and other small toys

You may still have some Lego pieces at home, or you may have seen a child put one in their mouths. But it is inevitable that over time the dirt will become embedded in them, so it can be a danger. To fix it, put them in a mesh bag? And to the washing machine!

Puzzle mats

Do you have children at home? If the answer is yes, you may have one of these safe and practical puzzle rugs at home. To wash them you only have to disassemble it and put it in the dishwasher or in the washing machine with a cold water program.


The pillows tend to turn yellow due to sweat and saliva. To eliminate these unsightly stains you can put them in the washing machine, either feathers or synthetic. Let them air dry well to prevent mold growth.

Your pet’s beds

If they are not very large, you can try washing your pets’ beds in the washing machine in the same way as the pillows. Of course, do it only in case the bed does not have cardboard on the inside since many of them usually have it to keep the bottom rigid.

Car mats

As much as you want to ignore the dirt that accumulates on the car mats, sooner or later you will have to clean them. To do this, you only have to vacuum them first and then put them in the washing machine with a short program.

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