Tips for effective ironing

Do not load the washing machine to the limits, shake and stretch the clothes before hanging them or choose a table that is adjustable in height, these are just some of the tips that we give you in the following article.

Therefore, today we bring you some tips that will help you cope effectively with this task.


To make ironing a less complicated task, it is advisable to take precautions when washing clothes :

  • Do not load the washing machine to the limit . This error is very common when our clothes accumulate. It is best to put the right amount , always leaving a space so that the clothes are not too tight.
  • Do not use very high temperatures in the wash cycle.
  • Do not go overboard with spinning .
  • Take out and hang the clothes as soon as you finish the washing process.
  • If you use the dryer, we advise you to avoid compressing the clothes and shaking them before the drying cycle.
  • Shake and stretch clothes before hanging .
  • Place the darts on the seams of the garment to avoid marks in areas of visibility.
  • Hang the pants at the bottom hem so that the weight of the waist and pockets is stretching them .
  • Dry what you can on hangers , such as shirts, dresses or sweaters .
  • If you dry the shirts on a rope or clothesline, place the clips at the bottom hem .
  • The softeners reduce the need for ironing.


An ironing center will facilitate your work. Apart from its high disinfection efficiency, it sanitizes and eliminates bad smells from clothes. Although, if you have a normal steam iron , it works perfectly .

When starting the session, the following measures should be taken into account :

  • Follow the instructions on the labels of each garment.
  • Make sure that the base of the iron is clean and does not dirty the clothes. Although it may not seem like it, the iron is an appliance that must be cleaned periodically . If something sticks, it must be removed immediately.
  • You already know this trick: put some clothes like cotton pants, jeans and corduroy clothes inside out.
  • If you are ironing something for the first time, check its resistance to heat somewhere hidden.
  • Apply quick and light movements on delicate fabrics.
  • Do not iron the zippers directly or the buttons because they can deteriorate.
clothing label

Apply the right temperature

  • Group your items together and start with the ones that need the least heat .
  • Synthetic clothing such as nylon, polyester, or acetate requires warm temperatures .
  • With silk you have to use a medium temperature and some steam.
  • The wool sweaters not require steam, just past fast without excess heat .
  • For acrylic sweaters , the temperature should be warm.
  • The fabrics of wool is better ironing steam.
  • The cotton and linen high demand temperature, firmness and much steam.

When finished , leave the iron at the minimum temperature to avoid accidents when it is used again.

steam iron

Ironing marks

For delicate garments such as pants or dress jackets, if there are shine or marks, you can interpose a damp cloth and separate the inner fabrics from the linings and pockets with each ironing pass .

The pullovers peak must be open so that no mark remains vee in the back .

For the shirts to be impeccable, it is best to start at the neck , then fold the yoke at the back to iron that area across the width. Then the fists . Then stretch the sleeves well before ironing with or without stripes. Finally , place the shirt in the direction of the board, first approach the back , and then each front. It should be hung up right away .

Ironing board

The ironing board is just as important as the iron you use. You should choose one that is adjustable in height .

For correct use, place it at the height of your hips , so that the elbow is flexed 90 degrees so that you do not have to raise the shoulder and strain it.

The choice of the cover is also essential. Choose one that is padded and retains heat for more efficient work.

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