Uses of bleach: how to use it to prevent the spread of corona-virus

Although it has been in our homes our entire lives, bleach can be a true unknown. And, in reality, few people really know what bleach is and what it is for. Lye, or sodium hypocrite, is obtained from common salt and, once it has fulfilled its function, it returns to the environment where it degrades in a few minutes, turning back into salt.

Currently, the World Health Organization recommends the use of sodium hypocrite products for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in homes to help prevent the spread of the corona-virus. At the end of this article you can consult the dose recommended by the WHO to disinfect surfaces.

Sodium hypocrite products like Estrella or Rabbit can be used as a general household cleaner to disinfect all washable surfaces and help prevent the spread of the corona-virus.

Here we explain 8 uses of bleach that you can apply in your home to help prevent the spread of the virus at home.

Uses of bleach

L Unblocking and disinfecting surfaces. Estrella 2in1 with bleach and detergent and Rabbit Bleach can be used as general household cleaners for proper disinfection, as they are capable of destroying viruses (such as those responsible for the common cold), bacteria (such as salmonella) and fungi. They are ideal for cleaning doorknobs, faucets, doorbells or electrical appliances, among others.
Star or Rabbit can be used in direct use or diluted with water, following the dosage instructions indicated at the end of this article. We recommend applying to surfaces, leaving for 15 minutes and then rinsing with water.

Eliminate bad odors . Bleach is an excellent deodorizer, as it is not only capable of destroying germs, but it also breaks down the smelly substances produced by them.
Disinfect and whiten the toilet. As we have seen, bleach is the main disinfectant in the home, killing the germs that live in your toilet. Rabbit or Star bleach, a cleaner with bleach , also helps you to recover the white of their porcelains, sinks, washbasins and bathtubs.
Products that contain bleach should only be used on surfaces and in accordance with product safety information.

Whiten clothes and remove stains. Bleach is an excellent bleach and stain remover as long as the garment allows it. Check the label on the fabric and test in one corner before applying.
Eliminate mold. Moisture favors the appearance of mold, which you can easily clean using Estrella 2in1 with bleach and detergent , very effective against it, even on the joints of tiles.
Sanitize the fridge. The refrigerator can accumulate a large number of germs. If you clean it with bleach, you will eliminate these microorganisms.
Clean the washing machine. Bleach is also useful for washing the washing machine. Put in hot water and bleach and let it run its normal wash cycle. It will be like new.
Wash the lettuce with bleach. Dissolve 2 ml. (1 teaspoon of coffee) of Rabbit Bleach (blue) in a liter of water and you will not only be washing but also disinfecting this and any other vegetable -also fruits-. This product is also suitable for the disinfection of drinking water.


What things can bleach be used for?

Bleach is synonymous with cleaning and disinfection , as it is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria and fungi . It can be, therefore, one of your main allies to keep your home spotless, since it is ideal for cleaning the washing machine, disinfecting the fridge, whitening the toilet, removing mold and eliminating bad odors . A few drops of Rabbit Bleach (blue) will help you clean lettuce and other vegetables.

Remember that products containing bleach should only be used on surfaces and in accordance with the product’s safety information, as indicated on the product labels.

What is the ratio of bleach to water to disinfect?

To achieve good disinfection efficacy, the World Health Organization recommends a concentration of 0.5% sodium hypocrite (5000 ppm). To obtain this concentration with Estrella and Rabbit bleach, dilute a dose of 130 ml of product (approx. 2/3 of a glass of water) and add water (870 ml) until obtaining 1 liter of the solution with which we want to clean the surfaces. That is, the recommended dose would be to mix 130 ml of bleach with 870 ml of water.

Also, it is best to wear gloves when handling and cleaning with bleach.

And remember that bleach should not be mixed with other cleaning products such as ammonia or salfumán, as they can give off toxic gases and be harmful to health. Always keep out of the reach of children.

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