Uses of vinegar in house cleaning

Did you know that vinegar is one of the star products to clean and disinfect surfaces and appliances in your home? We provide you with 10 uses of vinegar that you can (and should) use at home. Do not miss it!

Updated 12/18/2020 at 11:33 AM

Vinegar is one of the star products in the kitchen. However, its use is not only limited to the dressing of salads and meals, since vinegar is an excellent cleaning product . The best? It is not a chemical or abrasive product.

We break down, point by point, all the properties and uses of vinegar in your home. You will be surprised to know how much you can (and should) clean with vinegar!

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Types of vinegar

But first, let’s get to know the most common types of vinegar and which one is the most effective when cleaning.

  • 1. Apple cider vinegar . Derived from the fermentation process of cider, it is also used as a cleaning product. It is most effective when mixed with products such as baking soda or lemon juice.
  • 2. Red wine vinegar . It is obtained from the fermentation of wine. It is not suitable for cleaning.
  • 3. Rice vinegar . It is used a lot in oriental kitchens. It is milder in flavor. We do not recommend it for cleaning.
  • 4. White Vinegar . It is the most common in the cabinets of thousands of kitchens. And he’s the best at cleaning! Since it is more acidic than the others. In fact, its use is more frequent in housework.

White cleaning vinegar is not the same as white wine vinegar . They should not be confused. The first has an acidity of 8% while the second only has an acid concentration that ranges between 3% and 5%. The one we recommend to clean is white vinegar . Now that we have seen the most common types of vinegar, let’s know what uses it can be given in cleaning your home.

1. Antibacterial agent

White vinegar is a powerful natural disinfectant . You can use it on any surface in your home: floors, tiles, windows, …, and even to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

White vinegar is capable of eliminating bacteria, fungi, mold and other types of organisms that can cause dirt and bad odors.

For example, it is very useful for disinfecting and cleaning food cutting boards , especially if they are made of wood. We recently discovered the ultimate trick to cleaning and removing smelly mop . Guess who is the responsible agent? Yes, the white vinegar!

2. Eliminate bad smell from clothes

Vinegar also neutralizes bad smells from clothes , yellow stains caused by sweat, bad smells from the fridge or from containers for food that you want to reuse, such as mason jars. In the case of clothes, in addition to eliminating bad odor, it is an excellent natural softener .

Just add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the fabric softener box. Don’t worry about the smell! It will disappear as soon as the clothes have dried.

3. Removes lime

Thanks to its acidity, white vinegar is a perfect product to remove limescale without damaging the surface to be cleaned. For the result to be perfect, the amount of vinegar will have to be reduced with water depending on the density of the lime.

For example, a week ago we learned that vinegar, lemon or salt are perfect for removing lime from glasses and crystal glasses with white vinegar.

How to clean with vinegar

4. Unclog drains

White or apple cider vinegar, along with baking soda , is a powerful drain plunger . In addition, it will eliminate bad odors that can be generated in the sink pipes, bathtubs, showers or the kitchen sink.

5. Remove gum from clothing

If you have any gum stuck to your clothes , you just have to apply white vinegar on the gum stain and let it work for a few minutes . The acidity will dilute the gum and it will be easier to remove. Afterwards, you can rub and remove all the remains of the garment or any surface.

6. Clean any type of stainless steel or other

Mixing one part of vinegar with two parts of water you can clean any stainless steel surface such as the iron, the shower head or the ceramic hob. Shall we continue?

We have tested it to clean the air conditioning filters and the result is perfect. As you already know, air conditioning filters are very delicate and it is very important to be careful when cleaning them.

Another of its common uses is to clean the electric kettle at home. To do this you just have to add two cups to the kettle, let the vinegar boil and then boil water. The result is flawless.

What vinegar is used to clean the house

7. Clean windows

Vinegar will also be very useful to clean any type of glass , including mirrors and television and computer screens . For the latter, remember to mix it with water and do not pour the mixture directly on the screen, but on a microfiber cloth.

8. Insect repellent

By mixing vinegar with a pleasant aroma such as mint or eucalyptus, you will obtain a very effective repellent against all types of insects (ants, flies, moths, etc.). You just have to spray the mixture in the environment.

Clean with white vinegar

9. Clean the oven

Is it possible to clean the oven with vinegar? Yes! To do this, you must first remove the racks and trays from the oven (you can leave them to soak in the sink with a solution of water and vinegar).

To clean the inside of the oven, pour equal parts hot water and vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the walls of the oven , including the door . Let the mixture act for 15 to 20 minutes so that the fat softens and is easier to remove (the time will depend on whether the fat is fresh or not).

10. Clean the dishwasher and washing machine

In your dishwasher it will cause the same effects: it will eliminate bad odors, bacteria and it will make it shine . If you want a cleaner and brighter dishes you can add a splash in each wash cycle.

After knowing that vinegar is capable of removing the bad smell from clothes, we have tried it to clean the washing machine . The results are unbeatable.

Definitely, white cleaning vinegar is an excellent natural multipurpose product that is very effective and inexpensive. And you? Do you know more uses of vinegar? Tell us!

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