What to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of the latest technological innovations in home cleaning. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for this type of device that not only saves you time and energy , but also deeply cleans the home . If you have in mind to acquire a robot vacuum cleaner, it is better that you do not rush and buy the first one you see, since it may not meet your expectations. The best thing is that you stop and think about what type of robot you want, according to the type of skills and benefits you need it to incorporate.

Robot vacuum cleaner: cheap or good?

The first point to take into account is your financial situation and the money that you would be willing to spend on your new robot. You always have to value that cheap robot vacuum cleaners usually do not last long and surely have fewer skills and features than a mid-range or high-end one.

The medium-high range usually last much more years, however, they are usually much more expensive than the low-range or low cost robot vacuum cleaners . Therefore, the product you buy will only satisfy you if you know its capabilities and durability.

However, ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners perfectly combine the features of a high-end robot with the price of a mid-range or low- end robot . For this reason, ILIFE is becoming a benchmark brand in the world of home technology.

What to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner - Robot vacuum cleaner: cheap or good?

Characteristics of a robot vacuum cleaner

Finding out about the characteristics of the product before buying it is essential whatever the robot you want to buy.

1. The cleaning system and suction capacity

Keep in mind that the cheaper models may not leave you satisfied, as some do not even suck the dust. A vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners are made up of a system that combines two methods :

  • Brush
  • Aspiration

With this system, the brush directs the dust towards the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a product that contains these two methods. The effectiveness of a robot vacuum cleaner will depend on the combination of certain factors, such as:

  • How well designed it is.
  • The arrangement of the brushes.
  • The number of brushes you have.
  • The navigation system.

You have to know that although one robot has more power than another, it does not always mean that it is more efficient, so what you really have to look at is its performance.

2. The navigation system

This is very important, since depending on the navigation system you have, it will move, orient or clean your house in one way or another. A robot that does not have a navigation system will move randomly around the house, colliding with everything and may even leave parts uncleaned or that you have to be the one who is controlling it so that it does not get stuck in any corner of the house.

Mid-range robot vacuum cleaners usually have an intelligent navigation system to remember every corner and obstacle in the home. The high-end ones have a navigation system capable of creating a map of the whole house to perfection, thanks to its cameras and laser sensors, detecting the dirtiest places to influence them more.

3. Programmability

This is also important if you want to buy time so that while you are doing other tasks the robot can start cleaning on its own.

Normally, only medium or high gamma models have the option of indicating what time and day to clean or what area , although you can also find this option in lower-end models.

4. The noise

Another thing that you have to take into account when buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the issue of noise. If you want to avoid noise for whatever reason, look for a robot vacuum cleaner with the lowest possible decibels.

5. Autonomy and capacity of the tank

The time that the robot can be working is a very important factor too, especially if your house is large, so if this is important to you, look for a robot with enough autonomy .

If you have pets or your house gets dirty quickly, it is important to inform yourself of the amount of dirt that the tank can reach. 0.3L is a decent amount.

6. Extras

You also have to analyze what you are going to use the robot for: occasional, daily, complete cleaning … and if you would like it to have extras such as:

  • HEPA filter
  • Extra deposit
  • Built-in mop
  • Ultraviolet light

All this depends on you and what best suits your needs.

What to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner - Characteristics of a robot vacuum cleaner

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner

If what you are looking for is a robot vacuum cleaner that exceeds your expectations, ILIFE is your best option . These robots contain a highly efficient navigation system . In addition, ILIFE has:

  • Silent suction : This way you don’t have to worry about noise. The ILIFE range of robot vacuum cleaners is one of the quietest on the market.
  • Anti-lock sensors : this prevents crashes and jams. This way, you won’t have to keep an eye on the robot.
  • App : from an app, you can control everything you want, such as cleaning schedules, the chosen schedule … up to a distance of 8 meters!
  • They charge themselves : you will not have to worry if the robot runs out of battery, since it will be the one who goes to its automatic charging station to charge.
  • Scrubbing option : some ranges of ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners that not only focus on vacuuming, but are also capable of scrubbing the floor after a perfect vacuum.
  • Cleans difficult dirt : if you are looking for a good robot vacuum cleaner to clean carpets and other difficult surfaces, ILIFE has specialized models capable of lifting trampled dirt and your pet’s hair.

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